The Resurrection of Kimberley Kampers


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The legendary Australian brand Kimberley Kampers (KK) is being relaunched, after its unexpected failure and liquidation 6 months ago. According to the local newspaper there (The Northern Star, in Ballina) two former employees have taken ownership of the company, and plan to relaunch several products at the Sydney Caravan Camping and Supershow in April.

This is encouraging news for all of us who have admired the many innovations that KK brought to the (Australian) market, and who were eager to see the implementation of KK's plans for exporting products to the USA. Hopefully there is now a chance that KK will eventually come to the USA.

The Northern Star article is unfortunately behind a paywall, but hopefully other media will cover this evolving story. If anyone can find an active KK website, please post the link for that here.


Definitely good news. Although I already have mine here in the states :) It is a durable and innovative product, not made of particle board, staples and glue like my american made "off road" camper was


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KK's website may relaunch in May, and KK will be showing caravans in Australia in June, according to the CaravanCampingSales website. Good news for Aussies, but of course it may take a decade for KK to grow enough to export to North America. For now, most North American buyers must settle for wood-based construction, glass windows, poor insulation, lead-acid batteries, and water systems that risk freeze damage on a typical Spring or Fall night in the desert.