The Tacobox Build - A Mini Baja Surf Camper

Another update... wiring up the solar and ceiling lights, a flood for the driver's side, lockdown clamps, and the roof fully installed. Oh and the truck, ready for loading!

IMG_3922.JPG IMG_3970.JPG
IMG_3982.jpg IMG_3984.jpg
IMG_3981.JPG IMG_3985.jpg
A few more shots - mounting the car last night and today. Still need to get the tent, kitchen, and a few other things done.

Had to pull the carpet in the surfboard compartment again... one of the attachment nuts pushed off the wall when I added the eyebolt. Oh and this setup is definitely a bit tight. Had to trim the truck umbilical cover, remove the camper-side umbilical door, and in general had a tough time getting the chains and hooks to attach at the base. Next camper will have to be a but narrower where it sits in the bed.

Also, this was really difficult to load. Def going to need to get some jacks.

IMG_3993.jpg IMG_4001.jpg IMG_4016.jpg