The tipping point


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Ha, I love it. No I didn't feel like we were anywhere close to tipping. But now from all the photos, I feel a lot better about how far I'm willing to go.
In regards to what transmission I have, it is the standard 5 speed. And no the transfer case is not divorced. But we can continue this on the other thread.



Hello again,

We are now up in eastern Oregon roaming the high desert before I have to go back to work. As we drove down a beautiful rolling dirt road by Diamond Craters today, the road began to get a little side hilled. Now to give you some information about myself, I drove and lived in an old 404.1 for about eight years in my twenties. I have lumbered about and 4x4rd plenty. And I know what it is like to be a little sideways. Granted the unimog was so forgiving that I could do just about anything I tried, even if I had no idea what I was doing. But the thing never flipped. Don't worry neither has the fuso. But as we listed over and I watched the tilt meter go a little past 15 degrees my stomach started to tighten. I didn't think we were going to roll but I did wonder, how far is too far?
So my question to all of you with more time behind the three red diamonds than I is, how far will you take it? For that matter, does anyone have a good way to figure out the tipping point of their rig without putting it on it's side?

I have another thread I'm about to start asking about divorced overdrives in a fuso. So if this is to banal and pedestrian a topic, please hop over to my next one and chime in.

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I also saw in Scott Brady's article driving Earth Cruiser Fuso that roll #was around 28. I understand the seat cushion pucker factor is definitely an uneasy feeling. Makes me think of the time I walked off the roof backwards! 🤣