Thoughts on this 100? Things to be wary of?

354K miles, I am seeing more at this mileage in this price range. They often look great, but the mileage scares people off I think.
There is substantial evidence that they do. All engines will die at some point, but this has proven to be an incredibly durable drivetrain. As for repower, I've heard it can be a few grand, depending on where you source the new engine from (LX, LC, Tundra, etc) and how much your place charges to put it in, If you're getting a $4,000 truck, it seems like a good deal with relatively low risk, as even if you put double into it, it wouldn't be terribly upside down.
That price is about right. If engine has been well maintained you could get another 50K+ miles out of it beofre it starts requiring a quart of oil every fill up. That said, engines are common and cheap. I put a fresh 4.7 in my '99 UZJ100, pull from a rear ennd collision with 92,000 on it, cost me 900 bux.

You most likeley will need full axle service, if not done within past 150K, and that will run ya a couple thousand. I've had my '99 since '07 and it has proven best truck I've ever owned.


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OP: I'd go have a look at it. With the timing belt freshly done and dealer servicing (not that I care too much about that, but some do) it is an appealing one to look at. See if you can get it cheaper. The higher miles will scare off most.
The reality is that at that mileage almost everything that moves will be "knackered" and have to be
replaced, rebuilt or heavily serviced. It is probably not a good deal at any price.
I recently tested the 300k+ waters and bought a 2000 with 311k. So far so good. Mine had a bunch of new parts and copious service history. To one poster above's point, you're not risking much. If it doesn't have any rust, worst case is you take what you save over a lower mileage truck and bank it for just in case...
Also how the truck was cared for means a lot. I saw trucks with half as many miles as mine for twice the price and they were beat!
Finally, it depends on your plans for the truck. Mine is a 3rd car for local and mid length trips and exploring, so if something happens to break I can drive something else until I figure out my plan to fix it. If yours will be an only vehicle daily driver you might not have that luxury.


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I beg to differ, if the service history is there the 100 series drivetrain is proven to last.

Mine has a wonderful bill of health from Blackstone and was serviced regularly it's whole life. 1st 16 years with the original owner.
Yeah things need to be replaced as they fail but my engine runs smooth and strong and doesn't consume any oil.

The flares on the rig the OP linked suggest it's a Southeast rig so hopefully it's rust free underneath.
I wouldn't be scared at all. Now if you have more money to spend certainly buy the lowest mileage you can afford is what I was told.
I had more to spend but couldn't pass up my deal.

Southern rig, absolutely no rust, no accidents, no pets, no grandkids, everything it ever needed it got as it was a corporate vehicle for 16 years. Translated (tax write off)
I paid 2,700 dollars for it with 435K on it.
Currently has 443K and going strong.





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Works great, temp always stays put too. I do keep a Scan Guage II plugged up and watch coolant and trans temps.

Shifts smooth as can be.