Thoughts on this quigley 4x4 on ebay?


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The ford v10 of that era is decently reliable, but rather thirsty. Had one in a truck and was stoked any time it went into double digit MPG. That inside of that van seems to be well set up. The bed slide is a nice touch, although not a light one.
I think that at one point quigly put these kits into vans with out 4x4 low. I could be mistaken. I have driven a few of the quigly set of e series vans. Functional, not overly smooth but at the end of the day its a giant heavy box lifted 4 to six inches higher then it was meant to so take that with a grain of salt. The newer system in the newer van was a much better driving experience ( 2013/14)

At the end of the day the 4x4 conversion is a 12-15 k upgrade. Quigly would not be my first choice but you could do worse. I think the real question for this van is what is the reserve price set at ??
Can you go see it in person?

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I just called the guy, to ask that question on his reserve. Going to go down and speak with him and see the van in person before auction ends. Said his reserve is 19k, seems fair if it's as nice as he says. I had a v10 before in our work fleet had good power but yeah pretty thirsty but not that bad. I have a car trailer so don't think it should be a problem. Anything anyone would suggest to look for in the quigley's other than any death wobble? Thanks!

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Glad you were able to go and check it out in person.
I liked the ford V10 for useable power, but the one we had chewed through a few transmissions. Then again, it was a work truck year round, and ran a plow 4 months out of the year. So... Can't judge it too much on that alone.

It looks like a sharp van. No harm in bidding might get lucky. You could also just call the owner up and make a cash buy it now offer. You never know, it might work out.
Best of luck. I don't have enough time behind the wheel of the Quigly vans to tell you what to really look for.