Three different sized Flip Pack Camper shells

I have the following size flip packs - the measurements are the max size, because of the design they will fit beds that are 3"- 4" narrower than the stated measurements (has an inside lip) - length should be within 1"-2" of you actual bed length.

They have all be stored covered and off the ground. If you are seriously interested I will pop them open and take more photos.

5'2" (5 foot bed) x 63" wide - short bed mid/small truck size This one needs a bar and I'm replacing one of the hinges and doing some other work on it. It will be set up without a torsion bar. Currently painted dark blue $1650

8'2" x 73" (Full size 8' bed) Excellent condition. Original torsion bar. Original white gelcoat. $3200

7' 4.5" x 64" Very good condition, but needs torsion bar (which I have and will install) Original white gelcoat. $2500

I also have rain fly's for all three of them (they cost over $550 by themselves at SLO Canvas). The prices above include a rain fly, all of which are basically brand new.

The last photo was the FlipPac I had on our Nissan Titan (already sold that one)... great adventures. We really loved our FlipPac and the only reason we moved away from them is because we bought a travel van. They are definitely the most compact and yet roomy set up out there.

Located in Sacramento, CA area, Let me know if any of this interests you!