Thule Hideaway, any reviews?

While searching for a new awning I came across the Thule Hideaway. They sure are proud of it ($799) but not proud enough to put very good pics or vids of it in use. Does anyone here have any experience with this awning?

Looking to attach it to some Thule Aerobars on a F150 with a RTT.
I happened to chat to the rep about this last time he was around where I work and they are bringing these in from their overseas "van accessories" catalog that they have not really sold much of here before. You'll find more luck looking for reviews of the "Thule Omnistor" series which is what it is called elsewhere. Try looking at the United Kingdom version of the Thule site, specifically at the Thule Omnistor 4900 which is basically the same thing looking at the photos. Here's a link:
I just had the 10' installed on my standard height Sprinter yesterday. I like it, nicely crafted, lightweight, easy to operate. I insert the hand crank and extend it out a couple feet, then I can just barely reach up from my slider step and pull down the legs, extend and finish cranking. The tensioner arms keep it tight and extended, even if you just want to extend it partially. I did it in the wind and there's really no need to guy it unless you're in a storm. There are two holes at the bottom of each leg and two included stakes. But for a quick casual setup, you wouldn't even need those. The legs can be adjusted easily to vary height or drop one corner down to allow water runoff. I like the black anthracite colored case. I installed on top ends of my Yakima crossbars which requires the $100 lockable adapters and work on any shape bar. There is a direct mount version of the awning but, unless it's being mounted to a flat surface, requires a vehicle specific adapter and there's not much available yet.
Any thoughts on how the Thule Awning is?

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I got it on a weekend ago and the 8.5ft length is perfect for my usage, and I suspect most SUVs will find exactly "cab length". Haven't had an opportunity to open it up in the real world, but will be able tomorrow so I will update. Looks like this on a Tahoe:

Got this out last weekend and it is very nice. Very similar to a Fiamma awning, what with the mechanism you use to extend it. Much easier to deploy than the Smittybilt awning I had previously. Only gripe is that when you tighten it up to put it away, it'll seem snug but then eventually work itself just out enough to jostle around, especially on dirt roads. I'll probably get a velcro strap on something to wrap around it and keep it tight.