Timbren 3500 Axel-less and 5x120 bolt pattern...

Anyone know what the most cost effective and elegant solution is to get LR friendly wheels to play nice on a Timbren 3500 based trailer build? Really want all the wheels to be interchangeable.
I put D2 wheels on my teardrop. Todd at TC Teardrops sourced the spacers. I bought a spare tire/rim too but I'm pretty sure my LR3 spare will go on the trailer in a pinch. I'm going to try it when the weather gets better. 13072968_10209152119105550_563015790_o.jpg


Rolling Thunder
First....is your timbren the one for "off road tires?" Mine was and it was mounted about 2 inches from the outside trailer edge. I still needed a 3 inch spacer to fix the rubbing problem.