Tiny BBQ's. Any good ones? Worth bringing?

i have the Coleman roadtrip xcursion. I haven't used it camping yet but I intend to use the "stove burner" inserts and the griddle inserts that I bought with it as well and not carry a camp stove anymore. I basically will have both in a bigger package than a Weber Q or a Coleman stove but it is smaller than both combined. folded it is 38"l x 15"w x 12"d or 6840 Cubic Inches

A weber Q1000 is 14.5"H X 27"W X 16.5"D (6549.75 Cubic Inches) and a coleman 2 burner is 4.1 x 21.9 x 13.7 (1230.12 Cubic Inches) for a total of 7779.87 Cubic Inches. The optional inserts are small and flat so it shouldn't take up too much of that ~1000 cubic inch savings.
Looks like they sell a storage bag for it as well. Just wish Napoleon provided actual size specs and not just "225 square inches of cooking surface"
The O-Grill/Napoleon folded is 24 inches tall and 22 inches wide and 8 inches thick. The grill surface is 19x14.