Tire Carrier Hinges - again

Which tire carrier hinge would you choose?

  • AJ's Offroad Armor - double shear design

    Votes: 19 21.1%
  • Iron Pig's Beefy bronze bushing design

    Votes: 17 18.9%
  • Comp 4x4 Sleeve design

    Votes: 16 17.8%
  • 4x4Labs 1.75 spindle design

    Votes: 14 15.6%
  • Other (EMS, Rockstomper, etc)

    Votes: 24 26.7%

  • Total voters

Explorer cron

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I’m trying to figure out a swing out for a 2007 Ford Explorer Ironman. I don’t really want to build a whole new bumper. Does anyone have any help to offer?


I used a 1" Allen bolt and 1" id oil impregnated bronze bushings for mine. Grease zerks at the bumper and swing away, and a cap over the bolt head to create a 'double shear' arrangement.

There's a lot to be said for how it all clamps down.. if well designed, you should be able to take alot of the stress away when locked closed. Gotta watch the leverage points and where the weight is and when.


There is lots of talk about double shear designs, which is good, but shear is pretty low down in terms of stresses a pivot commonly sees (unless you back into something with your swingout open straight back). Bending and fatigue are killers. Imo some of the designs posted here, even though technically double shear, are pretty week. The supports should have decent surface area.. think bushing instead of a hole through a plate top and bottom. Designs that keep the bolt/spindle ends 'captive' while adding support are good. Even in the event of a stress crack, the bolt/spindle halves will remain, and function to a degree. A double shear failure produces 3 broken bits, but even with a double shear mount, it's far more like to end with two broken bits via some other stress other than shear..where will the ends of the bolt/spindle go in event of a failure? Keep the weight as low and as close to the pivot as possible. Have a well thought out latch.


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Anyone still check this thread? Im curious what everyone's consensus is for the actual swing out material size. I have some 2x4x3/16 that would do nicely, but a 6 foot chuck of that is 45 lbs. Wondering if I could drop to .120 wall or 2x3x3/16 for the horizontal. The verticals will be 2x2 120 probably. Will carry a 35, 1 can of fuel and 1 can of water, plus some extra for a fold down table etc. What are you guys building them out of?

Hinges are like maXTERRA uses, but may use sealed bearings in a machined housing instead. Anyway, if anyone still watches let me know what you use for yours.

Scott B.

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I use 2x2 .120 wall.

My Ranger had a single, full width swing out with a tire and Hi-Lift. My Tacoma has a dual setup, with a 33" tire on one side, and 2 fuel cans on the other.

I think .120 wall will be plenty strong - maybe 2x3 for the horizontal, depending on the length.


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I used what I had on hand: 2x3x.120, and some square section whose dimensions I don’t recall:


The hinge came from 4xInnovations in a kit with hinge, tire mount, latch, & swing locks:


I’m totally satisfied with the results:


Fringe benefit is added camper security when the carrier is locked closed using the hasp I welded on to it.

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