TJ trans swap

Hi all, I have a 97 TJ with a 2.5 & manual trans and use it for plowing.As much as I would love to swap or get one with the 4.0 and a auto, I can't. So I been told that there is more then 1 auto trans to use with the 2..5 but to use a 30RH. What is the auto trans and t-case "if that needs to be changed also"I should be looking for to do a swap using the 2.5. What other parts might I need? I don't have enough guys that can drive stick, my nephew being #1 and I am a amputee and can no longer drive a stick. I want to do it right, get all the right parts ready before starting this. What year TJ do I need these from.
.Thank you for any help.

P.S.- If anyone local has what I need or wants to swap let me know. May be we can work something out.
I was told that the T-case needed to be replace as the input shaft were different and the mount, rad and start were the same. I have been told that I need a new PCM. Want to double check all this before getting started. Thanks


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4cyl 21 spline
6cyl 23 spline

You will need a trans cooler, it's built into the radiator

Starters are different from standard to automatic

32rh doesn't have ECM to control it I'm almost certain the 30rh is the same

Finding a totaled donor jeep might be the easiest way to go, good luck