Toilet Solution for LONG TERM Overlanding trips


Coir is the medium of choice for those going off grid for extended periods, for reasons of space. Very very drying which is the goal.

It does need "processing" to get it back to a semi-fluffy state.

The peat moss and pine shavings are easier, and a months' worth does not take **that** much space.

The number of people and diet variations will dictate use rate, goal is the handle remains easy to crank.

The fundamental key to ALL is a separate urine receptacle.


We use wag bags and keep the deposits in a 5 gallon bucket. When we get to a rash receptacle out it goes. The powder makes the waste into a gel and it is legal for trash bins. You can store the bucket outside. No fuss no mess very clean and easy. Wag bags are a bit spendy but you can usually find a deal on them if you buy them in lots of 100. @ $100-130 You can find them cheaper on Miltary surplus sites and ebay.


I cannot even begin to tell you how angry it makes me to hear of people wrapping every bowel movement in plastic for eternal preservation.[/QUOTE] what is your solution? Be interested in hearing another answer.


Composting toilet. That is the answer. If I can turn our poop into a dry odorless matter which can then be composted down and the process completed at home, then I'm happy. If we are away and have to do an empty on the road, then at least it's reasonably neutral stuff to dispose of. Seems the Natures Head is still the top contender. Cheers. :)


Thanks for posting the video.. Great system for on a boat, but not ideal in a truck. (You'd have to find a deep water crossing every time you wanted to use it! ;) ). Jokes aside, there are too many moving components for it to be reliable in a truck, and there would still be a tank required to carry the waste. Any issues with the Natures Head or Air Head could more than likely be fixed, or at least be temporarily repaired with minimal tools and equipment. Just my opinion though. :)


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I think I might go join the "Bear In The Woods"!

Bears never have all these #1 and #2 problems.