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Scott's thread on tools sparked me to ask how folks store their on-board tools. I've not been happy with the various store bought options that I've tried and am thinking of going to rolls.
I am interested to hear what others have done.


I fought with this for a while as I have some unique space conditions/limitations. First of all is the form factor: 99 TJ Jeep and I have to maintain my rear seat so I can take both of my kids wheeling/camping, etc.
The next line of though that I follow is that I want my basic tools/recovery gear to be removable in short order; 1 to 2 trips and I have everything out.

Whilst I have a lockable Tuffy Trunk box in the Jeep I do not keep my tools or recovery gear in there as it limits my access & quick removal.......I have no fancy boxes with slid-out tray, etc. Not that I do not realize their worth, I simply do not have the space for them. So here is what I do for what it is worth:
Passenger floorboard gets the Craftsman socket/wrench set, HLJ accessory bag & 2 wheel chocks. The craftsman set is in a folding flat hard plastic case and regularly performs as a foot rest w/out no worries.
Under the rear bench seat has a large set metric/standard wrenches that are secured in a flat hard plastic case, the oppiset side holds the HLJ large base/footprint. The main tool bag rides behind the drivers seat in a large soft-sided tool-bag, it contains a ton of tools and electrical repair equipment and on top of that sits a large ARB recovery bag.
The tool-bag and recovery bag on the back seat is secured with the rear seat-belt to prevent movement or a hazard during a rollover. The tools under the seat are secured in place by friction, I have added footman loops in the front of the Jeep to keep the flat toolbox secured.

I carry a huge amount of kit/repair parts in this manner and have quick access to it all without having to unload anything to gain access, plus it is in soft sided cases and secured to prevent injury.

I also carry an OBA compressor/2.5 gallon tank with front & rear couplers. The compressor is mounted to a custom fabbed bracket welded to my roll-cage and tucked into the dead space at the rear of the roll-bar with the plumbing routed downward and out of the way. The 2.5 gallon airtank is mounted oppiset the muffler and mounted under the passenger floorboard on the drivers side. The air couplers are custom mounted w/1 to the front and the other to the rear. I did learn a lesson on this last trip with my coiled air hose.....I stored it in the rear Tuffy box; big mistake as I had to unpack some stuff I had secured to get to the hose when I needed it. I will not make that mistake again and have already moved the hose.

The Tuffy trunk section holds my spare fluids and additional spares that are seldom used, etc.
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I used to be set-up almost exactly as Fithpro. I then won a gift certificate from Tuffy. I got the Full-legth under seat storage drawer for my TJ. It goes from front to rear in the storage area and keeps the rear seat completely useable. When I open my rear hatch it slides out completely so that I can reach everything in the rear of the drawer. Food and drinks usually occupy the area behind the rear seat excluding a strap and shackle that is always ready. I now have all the tools and recovery items safely stored and still have room for the family.


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Good thread, ntsqd.

I have a roll up for the spanners and a soft sided tool bag for the pliers, sockets and ratchets. Inside the tool bag are a couple of smaller bags with misc stuff like electrical parts, hose clamps, etc. I have a small bag of screw drivers and my DMM is in a vinyl case.

It all goes in the stock storage box in the back of my cab, on the left side opposite the OEM jack and tire tools. Being all soft sided, it packed pretty well under the lid and doesn't rattle. But I'm going through my tool storage this winter and would like to find a better solution for the sockets at least. I have them on those snap rails, but that's not ideal.

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Rolls for most of them and I break them up by needs. One is electrical, one is sockets one is wrenches and drivers.

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Since I deal with water crossings more often than not, I use ammo cans. Most rolls trap water and rust out my tools. I've never had an issue with the cans, and they're relatively cheap and plentiful.

I have lusted after the neat rolls of tools guys have in their rigs, but in my application it just doesn't work.

I do use a soft-sided tool bag for my recovery gear.


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gjackson said:
I use rolls as well. They seem to work very well. I have a drawer system in the rear of the 110, works a treat.

For pics see here:

Good Grief! Is that an egg beater drill I see there? Those are so cool. That one looks to be one of the high quality ones with Art Deco-esque casting features, so it's got to be nearly working on it's second century. I'm really hoping my Grandad wills his to me. I highly doubt many of my friends would even know what that is.

Figured to use a roll for the wrenches. I've been mostly stuck on the sockets. Hadn't liked burying them in pouches as then finding the one required would take time. Seeing how your rolls have socket rails at their 'root' end, did they come that way and if so from where? I'm thinking two of those (since no Whitworth on anything I drive) one SAE and one Metric ought to work pretty nicely.
EDIT: Oh, I see that they are likely Dickies brand. Have to look them up.

Water crossings here on the Coastal Desert aren't too big of an issue, but I can see where it could be. Has anyone tried rolls made of something other than canvas? Occurs to me that some HD Tuperware containers might also work well, particularly for those with drawers.

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Great thread. FWIW, I drive a fj40 land cruiser and I use a small action packer for everything. It has a full set of sockets,two adjustable cresent wrenches (instead of lots of wrenches) recovery strap, shackle, electrical stuff, a few ratchet straps, bailing wire duct tape, hose clamps, RTV. All the very basic stuff, I use a craftsman steel tool box for everything else and strap it down between the seats and rear tub, on a 40 there is a perfect area for seating a box into.

As for the action packer it stays in the cruiser year round strapped to the roll bar to keep it from sliding and it gets a lock on it in the summer. :wings:

I havent't explored the rolls too much as I use my tools at home as well as on the trail.

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I too have a Jeep Wrangler, and was faced with the same problem. I believe I have finally found a solution that works for me. I have the Tuffy Full-length Underseat Security drawer and I put all my spare parts and supplies (ie. Fluids, Electrical Tape, WD-40, etc...) in plastic storage bins to keep everything in it's place. I then use a 3-drawer tool box to hold all of my tools, which most of which are in tool rolls for ease of transport.
Top Lid:
-Wrenches Standard and Metric each in their own roll
-Screwdriver bit set with driver
-Large Philips head screwdriver
-Large Flat head screwdriver
-Precision screwdriver set

Top Drawer:
-Tool roll with: Punches, Chisels, File, Magnetic Pickup, Mirror, Utility Knife, etc..
-Allen Wrench Set (Metric & Standard)

Middle Drawer:
-Pliers (Linesmans, Waterpump, Needle Nose, Side Cutters, Vice Grips)
-Wire Cutter, Crimper, Stripper

Bottom Drawer:
SOCKETS (Metric & Standard) on magnetic socket rails
Magnetic Socket Rails with: Torx bits, adapters and extensions

I also keep a magnetic socket rail in the top drawer to hold the tools I am going to use

Everything does fit in there, but if one thing isn't in the correct place the drawers/lid don't close. The whole tool box fits perfectly behind the rear seat and the tailgate keeps the drawers closed which is a two for one deal.


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I've tried alot of diffent options, action packers, rolls, plastic toolboxes, etc... I end my search with a journeymans construction bag. Super heavy duty, they don't bounce around and rattle and you can pack a ton of stuff into one. I've got a ~22" one that weighs nearly 80lbs loaded, I have short side inners and rear axles, birfs, fuel pump, hubs, etc, etc. in that thing.

For my tools I use a generic Craftsman soft sided tool bags. It offers alot of different pouches and compartments to help organize tools.


i use pelican cases, i had a friend that was a dealer so it helped on the costs. tools, air up, tire repair, recovery.