Topper or Bed Rack for RTT?


sparetime: my 2c: that answer really depends on what else you want to do with your truck. I have three kids, I'm 6'1", I have kayaks. I need room for stuff; lots of stuff! In prepping my truck I did not want to limit myself so I went the expensive route of installing an ARE HD CX cap; 550lbs dynamic roof load. I put a RhinoRack Pioneer Platform on the cap and usually have an ARB Simpson III RTT there, set-up to flip backwards making the tent overhang an awning for the rear of my truck. Because it's on a canopy on a lifted truck the bottom of the RTT is well above my head. When the annex is hanging, there is still enough side wall at the base to stake it down securely. If you go with a low bed rack, the annex is pretty useless as the base of the tent is too low. With the tent and annex, my truck can sleep two up top, two in the bed of the truck and two on cots in the annex, this space a little tight as it is shared with the RTT ladder and my swing-out Wilco Offroad tire carrier. If it's just me or me and one kid then we just use the RTT. I've also got a 2.5x2.5m awning on the passenger side also well above my head; no crouching necessary. My set-up serves well as a basecamp or a daily in/out. On a side note, see that the RTT cover is attached so that it fold over from the back and rests neatly at the front of the tent on the platform; keeps it clean and allows me to attach the annex without having to remove the cover.


Mine is mounted on a bed rack, over my softtopper.

I would have gone with a ARE topper, if I could have gotten one that would hold an RTT, have side access and be as usefull as my combo for less than $3,000.


Other than ideally having help to dismount/mount the RTT, I can remove the Softtopper and bed rack in about 5 minutes by myself.
What bed rack are you using over your softopper?