Trailer Coupler


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No issues with the locknroll over the past 15 years that I've had my trailer. Last year I did a frame off restore of my trailer and could have switched to something else but really didn't have a need to as it's worked fine for me. It can be a little noisy on rough terrain w a decent load in the box but I don't care...lets me know it's still back there


I have max couplers on all three of my trailers and love it. I had an early one without the lip to catch the trailer side inside the jeep side and it made it a pain to reattach the trailer. The new model with the lip is super easy. I know there was a thread somewhere in here about their max coupler wearing out, but I have never had an issue. Probably 4-5 thousand trailer miles (including the Rubicon trail a few times) with no issues. and of course super quiet as there is NO play in the connection.


Almost anything will be better than a ball and coupler. I like my pintle hitch and lunette ring. Easy to connect and disconnect. And it isn't noisy if you have sufficient tongue weight on the trailer.


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I also have a pintle and like it. People claim they are noisy but they are probably using a lunette that is too small. Mine barely makes any noise unless I'm in really rough terrain. Unfortunately they don't all rotate and they are heavy. Nothings perfect.
I fall in the ball and coupler camp. I've been pulling trailers with them for forty-five years without any issues. Reliable, replaceable and easy to hitch.

I had a horse trailer with a clamshell Bulldog for serval years and hated the damn thing.