Trailer harness problems


Enfant Terrible
I have a 4Runner and an having more than my fair share of truble with the seven blade harnesses that come stock with the truck. Because of the connector getting wet or corroding, I have intermittent connection. Yes, I've already replaced both sides in the four years I've been towing trailers. Any tips on cleaning or connecting so it is dependable?
I have found this harness online and was wondering if anyone has tried it out it is magnetic, watertight, expensive and some say they like it.

Help please!


Cheap Adventurer!
Biggest problem I see would be the inability to hook up to a standard 7 blade connector. I just keep the plugs coated in die electric grease, never have a problem!


Enfant Terrible
Thank you for the input. I was at my wits end trying to remedy this. I'll get the setup for the J560 and next time it causes me trouble, I'll switch it out. I could try the ezconnecter when I get rich.


Adventurer, eh?
I cut off a male end and chopped it off so that it fits inside with the cover closed. It helps keep stuff out before it even gets in. I need to put in some dielectric grease, but I have a tube somewhere and can't find it, so I keep forgetting to pick up a new tube