Trailer Options for 37” Tires?


I searched and didn’t find exactly what I was looking for so posting as new topic. Are there any expo trailer builders which allow you or give the option to fit a 37” tire? I would really like to run matching wheels and tires and seem to be coming up empty other than building an M1101/2.


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Smittybilt scout trailer is supposed to fit 37s with the fenders in their factory location, could easily move them up if needed. There's a lot of clearance around my 35s.


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I'm pretty sure my Adventure Trailers Chaser would take 37s. Still running stock JK tires on it though, so can't be sure.


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Prior to the 1101/2, the older M101A3s came fitted with 37x12.50s for commonality with Humvees. Not 'light' though at ~1540lbs empty IIRC...


Would think Xventure trailers are capable of 37s. I assume you're looking at a new custom trailer and not repurposing something like a military trailer? My M101a3 came with 37s but as mentioned a bit heavy ( and overkill durable) but maybe a M101a2 with a a3 leaf pack or lower bumpstops.


Thanks all for the responses.

At this stage have have not ruled out any options. I have seen some great M1101/2 builds that would be close to what I want. I am digging the Moby XTR 60" and they confirmed this week they can fit "up to a 37" tire" on their trailer so that, while on the max end of the $$$ spectrum, would be pretty sweet. Going to dig some more on the Gov Surplus auctions sites and see if anything decent comes up over the next few time before I can get out camping.