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Hey guys,

My wife and I are back in the PNW for a couple months while she works and I get my pilot's license. We left our Chevy and the Four Wheel Camper in Costa Rica and will return to them and continue our trip South this fall.. Until then I bought my first bike- a low miles Honda CB500x, to get around and to weasel my way into just one more form of adventure travel.

I've never really ridden motorcycles before but have always been intrigued and thought this summer would be a good time to learn. I took a two day basic riding course (required here in Oregon) and have a shiny new license with an endorsement for two wheels! The class was great and I'm taking learning slow.. I'm spending about an hour on the bike each day and working slowly and cautiously at anything that makes me nervous. I'm getting tons more confident and comfortable already, which is good because it will be my only way to get around other than my mountain bike.

My only real question, for now, is about using the bike for hiking and backpacking. I'd really like to use it to access trailheads, especially mid-week between flight lessons when there will be fewer people. Do any of you guys use your motorcycles for this? What do you do with your riding gear and the bike when you leave it for a couple days, or even a couple hours? I'll probably get a chain and lock so I can lock the bike to a tree. Maybe I can run the chain through the pants/jacket/helmet as well? Or maybe stuff the gear into a bag and hide them in the woods?

Anyway, just looking for a little feedback. I'm looking forward to seeing a bit of the world from two wheels now..


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I've spent many years and thousands of mile s riding, camping and exploring Colorado and Utah off the back of my KLR. Here's my trailhead security experience:

- I'd lock my helmet, jacket and gear with a long cable lock.
- I'd run the cable lock through the front and rear wheel spokes.
- I'd used small nylon locks on each of my gear zippers to keep sticky fingers out of my bags. The locks are made of really strong nylon that would require wire cutters to cut. Wouldn't stop someone from cutting the bag.
- I wouldn't be longer then a hour or two from my Gear. Never left it overnight or for longer periods of time.
- I wouldn't hide anything of value in the woods. If found it would be considered abandoned property and either trashed or stolen.
- From time to time I'd grab a hotel room (warm bed, shower,etc...) and leave all my bulky gear in the hotel and just explore with the bike and small pack.
- 24-72 hour packs are great for motorcycle travel. Go much bigger and they get too big on the back or will throw you off balance when hitting technical stuff.
- if your camping, just throw the bulky gear in your tent and lockup the tent and head out. There is still some respect for people's campsites.
- I've never had anything stolen from or off my bike in remote areas. My open top Jeeps have had all sorts of stuff taken from them. In the end just try to keep the sparkly stuff out of sight and don't be too upset if the local thief nicks something.

Be safe and good luck!IMG_0194.JPG
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I use a disc lock on my dirtbike. You could use it in conjunction with the cable/chain run through the wheels. It just ads another level of effort required to steel your bike.



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I went out a 3 day backpacking trip out of my Jeep in Glacier National Park, came back to find everything taken out of my jeep..

Just had to go pick it back up from ranger station, they were afraid someone else or some wildlife would take em.. was a couple Tupperware containers to keep gear dry, I assured them I never stored any scented items or food in any of em at any point in time and they gave it all back without further trouble.. said next time I needa stash gear and dont have a hardsided vehicle to just bring it by the station and the'd happily hold it for me while I was out backpacking...

Soo, if there is a ranger or forest service station nearby im sure the'll let you stash your riding gear there, hell I wouldn't be surprised if they let you park your bike there and they gave yeh a ride to the trailhead.. or just hitchhike out from there, I for one always pickup a backpacker if I have the capacity, as I've hitchiked back to my starting point dozens of times and appreciated the rides.
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