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I dont think having one is illegal, its using it inappropriately.. if your trying to road rage some idiot off the road, thats illegal and makes you an asshole.. if your scaring off a bear rummaging through camp or chasing some poachers off your land, thats likely legal and its use is defendable/justified.
Correct. In Colorado, Possession = Not illegal. But, use of a train horn in public (roadway, public lands, etc....) outside of an industrial area and with a complainant or witnessed by an LEO = Disorderly Conduct violation (Infraction to a Misdemeanor depending on Municipal Code, County Ordiance or State Statute violated)

Use against wild animals, I'll leave that up to CPW or Park Rangers and their area rules regarding disturbing wildlife versus scaring off wildlife.

As for poachers, trespassing on your private property you have an bigger problem based on what they are poaching and with what (firearm, etc....), might just consider calling 911 versus honking a loud horn at them. But since poachers are criminals and criminals like to stay under the radar a loud horn maybe enough to scare them off. Good luck.


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the CPW brochure for hazing coyotes says 'honk an airhorn':

dont say nothing about it cant be an industrial train horn heh.

I wanna put mine in my trailer, so use on the road would be impossible.. mainly as a 'Scare Horn', our black bears here are not anything I worry about, but when I'm in Montana or Wyoming its a concern, while we've had lots of critters visit camp, luckily not a brown bear, yet.. encountered plenty of em on the trails tho and if I could scare one off without ever opening the door of my trailer, I think tha'd be a bit reassuring, especially if I leave my old lady alone at camp while I'm out backpacking.

For Tree Poachers I think it'd be damn effective, it'd probably stop all chainsaws instantly.


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Definitely check state laws where you live and plan to travel. Most have a maximum dbs for horns.
Some will impound yer truck if yours is too loud.

That and using a horn is just aggressive. Often patience and the brake pedal are a better choice.

I wish everyone would list where they live. Helps finding relevant answers.
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I wish everyone would list where they live. Helps finding relevant answers.
hover over the members name under the avatar and it will provide you location if they provided it. should have never removed it from where it used to be imho.

id like a train horn for the dumbfucks that don't pay attention at lights. they start texting, dicking with their phone, yelling at their kids, whatever... at a red light and forget to look back up. a year or so ago some idiot on a scooter was first at a light and started texting. for some reason none of the line of cars behind him honked. I was first across the intersection. I got all the way across and honked right when I got to him. scared the hell out of the idiot. a train horn would have made everyone at that intersections day.


When we took our camper to Morocco it seemed full sized truck/semis/artics etc had their own rules, you get out of their way.
We saw several that had hit each other at speed head on blind bends, and once we were overtaken on an uphill blind bend by a fuel tanker, him in the other lane with no knowledge of what may have been coming straight at him. We weren't going slowly, but he wanted to go 2mph faster.
Dump trucks were always filled to level with the trailer sides whatever the load, so madly overweight if full of stone as many were. One new looking truck overtook us at speed downhill with such a load, came to a corner and his outside trailer tyres blew making him lucky to have not rolled before swerving to a stop.
A train horn might make them think twice on blind bends? Otherwise everyone relies on the Hand of Fatima :)


Yeah buddy...........great oppertunity for someone to make sliders and armor for these things or a new Dukes of Hazard YouTube series......Seriously, someone please explain to me the motor vehicle safety purpose for mounting train horns under a vehicle, pointed to the rear or on the side pointed at the driver next to you? Think about that......your "safety" has been so violated that you now have to speed up and get in front of or along side of the offending driver to "warn" the driver of their past "safety" offense....I'm ready to be educated. Thanks.



half an air horn; db wise, is enough to encourage wildlife to move on off the road. They are available and do not need air source. Agree that use makes the man or the arse hole. air horns seem to attract arse holes.


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12v into a 6v VW horn. Done. Fingernails on a chalkboard on steroids. Mine worked for years and was still working when I sold the car.