Traveling 30.000km on a small 'unusual' dirtbike from Malaysia to the Netherlands


Hi there! Currently i'm on 1/3rd of my trip.
I bought a Kawasaki KLX 150L in Malaysia and we've traveled 10.000km through South East Asia.
In about 2 days we'll cross Myanmar towards India and from there on it's still open which country will be next. Nepal will be visited for sure.
Every now and then I post a video update on my youtube channel.

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Cheers, WhereIsWiljen


Hi Wiljen, was it easy to buy and register at your name a bike in Malaysia? Don't you need a Carnet to cross India?
We are currently in Vietnam, with a couple of chinese/viet Honda Win. It's a great adventure! Thanks for the info

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Sounds like an awesome adventure to me! There's something more enjoyable about traveling on a smaller bike. I love my 950 and all, but you just take your time and get to enjoy more with the thumpers.