Trekpak dividers

I just spent an afternoon doing two projects of "DIY TrekPak" and it was cheap!

For a total of $54, I got enough material to do both of these boxes with almost half the material left over:

The Pelican case is a 1450 and has 4" sides. The Sterilite tote is their "15 gallon industrial" model and the dividers are 9" tall. (Note that this is taller than the biggest "bulk" divider material that TrekPak sells.) Obviously I left off the foam for the bigger box since I use it for food - I just need containment, not as much "protection".

I still have enough Coroplast and EVA foam to do at least another small or medium Pelican-style case.

My full writeup is here, which might be helpful to you.
Awesome Herbie, I'm taking the plung after your write up and links, thanks, I'm outfitting 6 Pelican 1650's this should be a huge savings over pre made options, thanks for posting up.
I stole this idea too. Thank you so much for the idea. Also, Home Depot by me sells panels for $10 in black. They are around 2'x2'. Worked perfect for my drawers. Now I just need to find eva foam.


Rendezvous Conspirator
Just a follow up, I used some of my leftover material to make dividers for a "coffee kit":

Two insulated mugs, a kettle, the Aeropress and its tools, a 40oz insulated carafe, and a tin of coffee all nicely packed into a lightweight "file" box with a top-handle.