Troopy with 24v start dual battery, can I use a leisure battery ?

Hi chaps,

I haven't used my troopy HJ75 for a few years and want to pull it out of hibernation. as mentioned its a 24v starting so fitted with dual batteries. The rear battery also runs all the internal electrics, fridge, lighting etc... both will need replacing but had me thinking would I not be better off installing a Optima leisure battery for the aux... I understand leisure do not have the cranking amps... just looking for real time experiences..

Then i'm looking to install my 24v Webasto heater, thinking of connecting it to the cars 24v circuit, it only needs draw a large current to start, could that work ? could always have the engine running when starting the heater....finally if I throw solar into the picture - should I buy a stand alone battery pack / solar kit like the Go Zero...

many thanks for your ideas

Running 12 volt circuits off half a 24 volt system is a bad idea, it will greatly shorten the battery life.
A 24-12 volt voltage dropper will be a better option, a dedicated deep cycle house battery would be best.
The Webasto current draw is not that big, especially at 24v. There is no need to run the engine for Webasto starting, just run a properly sized and fused circuit from the car's electrics.
I would recommend a fixed solar panel and quality charge controller(Morningstar)
Joe is right. This is a common thread in the golf cart community for people who want to run lights radios etc on a electric golf cart. A lot of people will tap into just two of the 6 batteries and eventually the battery packs fail in less than a normal time. This is because the other 4 batteries are always being overcharged.