From what I have seen the Tufport is exactly what I've been looking for to top off my Tacoma. The problem is that I can't seem to find anyone who actualy has one, or has even seen one. I'd like to get an independent opinion about quality, etc. If I do order one, it will be sight unseen. No info on pricing anywhere either. That always raises a flag. Anyone with first hand knowledge about these shells? :ylsmoke:


Thank you so much for taking the time! I'm looking at the T59 which is a tad bigger than the T55, but fits my 6' bed. I saw one comment made on a forum about the quality being out of line with the price, but when asked the fellow did not elaborate. That is the source of my suspicion. I appreciate your assessment, and I'm glad the unit looked solid. I've seen a video that showed the slats inside, so I know what you are talking about. I just plan to use the overcab for stoarge. I'm very much a minimalist.

So again, thank you! If you do happen to get by the Tufport plant I'd love to hear what you find. The fact that your shell was returned points to issues that are hopefully in their past. You might mention that the question of quality is out here and see what they say. I think it would make an excellent base shell for my outfitting.

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i talked with the owner of one at the northwest expo. he uses it as his camper.he loves it,very water and air tight. his first was on a full size chevy for 14 years i think he said.he loved that one also.his current is tacoma size.

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