Always a pleasure to read your road trip posts. I can imagine the fun you are having.
Curious on what awd stock vehicles did you see at Bridal veil ?
The trip has been a blast so far. Thanks for taking the time to read it and see the pictures.

Yeah, I was surprised at some of the cars I saw at Birdal Veil Falls. Have you by chance been on that road?

There are 2 parts to it.

The bottom area is below the waterfalls. That is actually the prettiest spot. And a very rough drive to get here.

The upper area is where everybody must stop and make a uturn. The upper area is nice in that you get to visit that 125 years old building and then you get a good aerial view of the town of Telluride. It gets tougher to get up here and the views are pretty but scarier if you make a mistake and fall, it is probably instant death.

Going up this road is very rough, but I was amazed at some cars I saw.

At the bottom point, I stopped and spent some time to take pictures of the waterfall. Here I met a Honda Civic. Yeah, this was the one that really shocked me. No 4x4 or awd. But it made it. Next that surprised me was a Hyndai Tucson(??, may have been no awd). And a Toyota Highlander(maybe no awd). Also, Audi A7(awd). With 2 Chevy Tahoe(4×4). Here is a picture I took at the lower area that shows some of the cars that were still packed when I took the picture.

At the upper area, I met 3 Subarus. But all of them were awd. But what surprised me is all of them had stock tires and nobody aired down. And in 4x4 world, it is very advisable to air down especially driving on all those sharp rocks that these cars ventured on. I am sure all these little cars hit their bottoms at a few places. Nissan Rogue(awd) and Escalade(4x4). The rest of the vehicles there were very capable 4x4s like a Jeep Cherokee, Range Rover, Toyota Sequoia, Chevy 4x4 truck and my Infiniti. Here is a drone pic of the cars still parked when I took a pic.
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I ended my day in Ouray a day earlier since I had had enough offroading with my car and was ready for a new destination.

So, I left Ouray yesterday for Albuquerque. I used a scenic route going through Durango, Pagosa Springs, CO and Santa Fe, NM to finally end in Albuquerque. Pagosa Springs is a nice small town where I met over 130 Mini vehicles on a Nation wide rally meeting of Minis and ate the best ribeye steak so far on this trip at a local restaurant there.
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