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That is max pressure. You don't get anything like you would out of your kitchen sink, but it is plenty of pressure and plenty of water. I was honestly supprised by what came out... When you look at how small the "straw" in the tank is and the size of the hose going into the wand, I wasn't expecting as much as i got...

Is the water pressure as seen in the photo with your boy about as much pressure as you can get out of that tank?


Maybe I missed it while reading this thread, but how many gallons can you fill the Reliance 5 gallon container with and still leave room for pressurizing it?

Not sure if someone makes one but a black 5 gallon container would be great for warming in the sun.

Great write-up by the way. Thanks!
Those were my thoughts also. Just sand the plastic 5 gallon container, then paint it black, ...

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Painting Black

Does a black paint exist that adheres to plastic and can handle the heat of the sun without turning into a peeling mess later?
I've seen paint that would adhere to plastic. They say it on the can. I do know that if you were to use KILZ alcohol base spray primer it would stick. Then spray flat black over it. U might want to scuff up surface before spraying the primer. I've used this primer alot over the years. It is the stuff.

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I know this thread is now old history, but would like to put in my $.02 worth, had a platoon sergeant get 3rd degree burns from that Army can heater setup, if you pressurize that can make sure you don't open it for any reason, bleed it off some other way, that is basically a pressure cooker and we have all heard enough stories about those explosions