Type 1 Ambulance "The U.A.W" or "Adventure-lance"


Today I continued to paint the box. I put on a few more coats, painted the roof, and did the inside of the cabinet doors as well. Here are some better shots of the paint and some close ups.

IMG_3696.jpg IMG_3701.jpg IMG_3700.jpg IMG_3698.jpg

ugh no idea why they are all jacked up...


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Did you take them with a cell phone? And sometimes rotate that cell phone so the shot would fit in the screen?


BIg progress today, I cleaned out the clutter from the inside and finished painting the insides of my cabinets, and a bit of touch up. I also painted the insides of the doors to match the interior, the color is called "meditative" which is ironic because that is generally the idea I wanted to use for the overall theme of the inside. A nice, calm, relaxing place to get away.

I also received my Monstaliner today! Medium quartz gray... I was able to install the product on the entire cab is less than three hours or so. I had already sanded and prepped the cab for application prior to the product arriving. The color came out a bit lighter than I expected, and it does not match the color I painted the box, but I think it looks pretty good, and a hell of a lot better than the white!

Let me know what you think!

IMG_3709.jpg IMG_3711.jpg IMG_3702.jpg IMG_3716.jpg IMG_3719.jpg IMG_3717.jpg

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Interesting Rig and possible project. Too bad you're so far away or we might consider it our next project vehicle. (4-Wheel Friends). That's amazing how you got that ATV in there sideways!! (JK)

One of the guys in the group is a die hard Ford guy and he'd be drooling to get ahold of this.

Thanks for sharing, good luck with the sale.

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Thanks for the kind words Fred! As far as I am concerned there is no such thing as too far away! I am actually cruising out west to Cali at some point this fall if I do not sell local pretty soon. My wife is from CA and we have a wedding early oct, and my plan was to drive her out there.. Anyway let me know if you, or your friend do have any interest I would like to move on to this house project!



OK this project is now for sale for 11,900..


I am simply trying to move on to my next project or second house.. tbd


Come take her off my hands! It runs and drives perfect, I just got back from a 10 day trip up to Michigan 1500 miles in total and it never skipped a beat. Easy to maintain, not rust issues, and is completely live-able off grid dry camper.

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