Type A personality storage build

These corners I posted a link to suck, don’t use them. They leave a very small gap which creates flex in the unit. I wrote the manufacturer who was uninterested in fixing their mold to fix what I consider to be a defect as too much material sticks out on 2 sides of the corner and creates the gap.
Thanks for the update. Are you going with a new part?

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Yes, used a different corner and this one works much better, no flex and therefore no rattles, squeaks, or flex. Already ordered more supplies to build a second unit, might try out Accuride lock out slides on it too. Also planning on working with a woodworking company with a CNC machine to make the drawers, sides, back, and top. This was a prototype, the next one will be v1. Was talking to a 4Runner owner of a Trekboxx yesterday, really nice well thought out system, very solid. His big like was the side panels that extend and use all of the rear space in the vehicle. It was very clean but i wonder if one could attached semi rigid bags to the side of mine and get some usable organized storage without having cabinet hinges and panels.
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Do the backs of your drawers fit the same way your fronts do?

I like the 8020 stuff, it's a fine erector set. The rails sort of bug me though as a lot of wasted cubic inches. I'd be looking for ways to fit a flat-folding camp or side table into that otherwise null space. Find a way to recoup that space.

/but I always pack too much gear.
I agree there is wasted space there, slides require 3/4" on each side and the extrusion is thicker than baltic. Although this system you can unbolt and carry inside and sit in the livingroom and use as storage :) kids love it. Agree if there was a way to put a table in part of this area that would be great, probably not something with legs but maybe something that would hook onto the extended drawer to add additional prep area....hmmm.... anyone else have some thoughts here?
Nice clean build. the 8020 is clean.

Awesome to see another P38 on the trail! I've had mine for 9 years and still love it. Am looking for some new ideas for a storage build out in my new project Sanytana/Defender 109 I imported from Spain. I did my first slider build back in 2011 (http://www.rangerovers.net/forum/7-...33155-project-slide-fridge-other-storage.html) which was basic and I used cheap drawer sliders from HD for proof of concept. I then upgraded to an ARB fridge slide which is must more robust.

I also built a platform above the fridge for additional storage that was very useful. My new build will include a true drawer and new slider for a larger fridge. I want to incorporate an additional slide out table for my stove and kitchen prep. One regret with a defender is no tailgate! I absolutely love the tailgate on the P38 and our LR3.
Do you have any plans, and a count sheet of what you ordered and quantities? Looking at the website it’s a little confusing and trying to determine the number of items needed. Thanks!
Looks great, I'm planning on doing something similar in my 200 series.

Check out this guys framing in his Sprinter, I got some really good ideas from him also:


2nd prototype complete

2nd prototype complete, have 10 more cut next week. this thing is bombproof. finishing the wood with some poly this weekend.
These look great man, where are you in Colorado, I'd love to check it out in person as I have no experience with the 80/20 stuff. I'm in Denver and on the cusp of building a storage platform/sleep system.