Tyvek Paper USGS Maps


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Just wanted to toss this out there if any of you are interested in also having paper maps as a backup. This was something that I was going to do a few years ago with my original mapping business, but held off on. Since reopening and rebranding myself, I decided to go forward with this. Basically, it's the standard USGS 7.5 minute Topo Quads that I am printing for a small fee. One of the types of paper that I am offering is the DuPont Tyvek. It's a pretty familar name to many of you. The maps printed on Tyvek is really sturdy and can take a lot more abuse than most of types of paper on the market.

Link to show durability

Here is a link to main sales page

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Good resource to know about.
Having a 17" wide inkjet printer on hand, I print mine on 17x22 (about 2/3 size, I think) on Epson Presentation Matte paper for a total net cost of about $1.50 each.