U Bolts in Chile

I am in Chile in a MB 1017a and as you might have seen from an earlier thread I have had some drama.

I have managed to break two u bolts on my rear springs and although they have been repaired I am lion to source new ones.

Does anyone know of an online company in Chile that I can look at and maybe get some despatched to me.




Hi Neil.

I see there's been little response here... If you post the dimensions of the U bolts you require, I'll have a look and see what my local Merc Wrecker in Adelaide has when I'm down in the city next week. Easiest is to sketch a drawing with measurements and attach it. I'll down load it and take it with me. :)
I Simon, I think Neil got some, he said they were a birthday present for his wife. He may not be able to use his fingers for a few days now. 😀😀😀


Brilliant. It's not something I had considered carrying in the spares locker, but it's a consideration now.. I think 1 rear and 1 front main spring leaf is a must if on dirt (or coil in your case.. ) :)


Hi Guys. Thanks for the offer, but I have actually sourced them and they are now fitted. As you know my truck needed to be pulled out of a hole and the sideways strain on the bolts broke two . I would defiantly carry at least one spare from each end. As per my facebook page cloud9ontour I did suggest that these would make a great birthday present for my wife. It only took the doctors 4 hours to remove them later.

Cheers. Neil
Hi Neil:

Shame that I was on my holidays, riding around and enjoying the beauty of my country, without even thinking on getting into these pages.

If you need any help in the future while beeing in Chile send me an email to pairospam@gmail.com and we will see how to do.

Kind regards.