U500 crash, two firefighters killed

Hello, Fellow Moggers, I haven't seen this subject posted on the Net and I thought that I should bring it to all U500 owner's attention. On July 10, 2016 a BLM Unimog U500 rolled over and killed two firefighters, North of Winnemucca, Nv. The Mog rolled several times after a rear tire blow-out, and the drive and right side passenger were killed. A third firefighter (in the middle seat) survived. The outside upper seat belt anchors failed and and the truck was totaled. The crew was returning from a routine patrol for lightning started fires. The BLM has issued a fast, preliminary accident report and is concluding a more intensive report now and may be made available to the public. The BLM may not release the report or their findings, though, because they are worried about liability issues on their part. What they find out may and could save future lives.
I am so sorry for the families, friends and co-workers of the Fallen. Despite where the liability lies, the BLM should step up and make their conclusions known.... So other lives might not be lost. Condolences, Snowcat
Apparently, , off the record, from numerous BLM employees, they are discussing that the upper seat belt mounts failed because they are not anchored very well. Folks in Winnemucca are saying the lack of steel frame for the cab allowed the seat belt failure. Also, that the truck was running a run-flat tire system with central tire inflation system. Right rear tire blew. Three trucks were following and saw the horrible accident and immediately stopped and rendered first aid- real heroes. Everybody in Winnemucca is very shook up and the community has really come together in the face of the tragedy. This is so sad, perhaps a positive end will result if a dangerous situation is recognized and the safety of our U500s can be improved. These trucks are perfect in the desert environment for fighting fire except for, maybe, the inadequate air conditioning system! Such a sad incident and I am sorry to bring this to the Forum community but Unimog owners need to know. I will post more if I hear anything else.


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ok, I agree with the training, in fact, I more than agree.

Now who is providing the training and the trainer ? I sure would hope it would be someone from UNIMOG.
well Unimog isn't a company. Its a model. The Unimog 500 hasn't been sold in this country in a decade. So they haven been around for a long time. Its not a new vehicle. This is a 100% driver and loading issue. Not a truck issue


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Well, the issue is simple. The vehicle was operating at a speed that allowed it to roll several times. That is simple science.
Humpty Dumpty ( what I call the cab ) came a part in tiny pieces of glass, and the rest in busted up pieces of plastic or composite fibers. It disintegrated. The safety belts were of no use.

Nothing about loading was mentioned. Neither was truck mentioned. Its an apparatus. A tire failure was mentioned. The report is scant at best. New Mogs haven't been sold at the dealerships since 07 true. The 1st 196 continue to sell, just as used.
where are you getting your info from?


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Daimler Trucks North America for one, Chief executive engineer for safety and compliance and their corporate attorneys.
The firm and attorney who set up the import of the U500 from Chicago in 2000
The head of distribution for Michelin in Canada for the XZL and XM47
Daimler in Germany, 2 attorneys. Link and Gesser
Transport Canada safety and recalls. Jean Leon Marin
and others.
in your first post on this thread, you said there wasnt an issue with the seat belts. Now youre saying their is. Everything youve said is speculation. So until the word comes out, stop.