Ujointoffroad sponsors Expedition Portal

A big thanks to Ujointoffroad for supporting Expedition Portal through a title sponsorship. Chris and his team have been working hard over the recent years to develop their 4x4 Van Conversion Kits and they have told us that they have learned a lot from and appreciate the enthusiastic support of the Expedition Portal mebership.

Ujoint Offroad manufacturers 4x4 van conversion kits for the DIY enthusiast. Whether you plan to go mild or wild, the UJOR conversion kit is the perfect place to start! The modular design of the kit enables you to go at your own pace and utilize recycled parts for the major components. Please visit www.ujointoffroad.com for all the details!



Thanks for supporting the forum.

The vids you posted on your site recently are awesome.

Can't wait to spend some money with you someday.

small world

hey Chris,
One minute I'm sending your the wrong 'Chris@' emails, the next I find you here. Looking forward to learning more. BTW: i'd relly like to chat with the guy who went off to Vietnam. His lift is seemingly very unique.


Expedition Leader
Hey Chris, have you every condidered supporting the Astro? I think there is only one guy right now. I know htey don't make them anymore, so maybe it is not worth the trouble?


Supporting Sponsor
I haven't..... Still trying to get everything for the Fords dialed in. But.... I do know a certain guy in the industry that just bought one & I wouldn't be surprised if he started making a thing or two....
I found a deal on a 1991 E350 and I noticed your kit starts at 1992 what is the change or difference between 91 and 92 and could I modify your kit. I do fabrication but would like to start out with the basic geomerty with your kit. this van has the triton V10... Thanks.
talk about having a total brain fart I went back and looked at the pictures I took of the van and it is a 2001 NOT a 1991... so the ujoint kit will work:wings: