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Yeah , sorry. Cold Air Intake. I've used them on a few other vehicles with mixed results. Just wondering about adding one to my van.
Ah, gotcha. There aren't any kits for the 5.4 so we leave them alone. We have done a few K&Ns on the V10, they sound good.
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New arrival for a local zip line company, going to dwarf and perform much better than what they have now! Adding some custom tricks to make it climb like a goat. :)

24" Fiberine high top ready for the SoCal 7.3 mega build! 200w solar, 10' Fiamma, load bars hat clear the MaxAir fan, Baja Design lights, Max trax.


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Where are you getting the awnings from? Everywhere I looked they're sold out.
Straight from Fiamma. Ordered it months ago.
I ordered a couple a while back also, supposed to be here around 11/20.
My order was on the "2nd container" I guess they are selling 2-3 containers out right now.
I would call Fiamma direct.
Also, this really only applies to the black awnings as I understand.

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