Uk to Arctic Rally July 2017

To anyone interested we are organising a rally of sorts from the UK up through Norway and into the Arctic Circle (and back) July of next year.

We have taken part in previous rallies; and have realised that paying hundreds of pounds simply to simply drive a route is a little excessive, and with no alternative found we decided we’d have a go at organising our own.

We charge nothing as we will be making the journey ourselves and simply think it will be more enjoyable with a good number of people; please have a look at our website and if you, or someone you know might be interested that would be great.

Any cars or motorcycles are welcome; regardless of engine size or age.

With no entry fee, no visas, wild camping being legal in much of Norway and the scenery and roads Norway has to offer, combined with the prospect of travelling with likeminded fools on and in a variety of ill-advised vehicles; we’re confident other’s must find this appealing too!

We will be setting off from a campsite near Amsterdam (seemed a nice central location rather than setting off from either the north or south of the UK) on July 15th and expect the round trip to take around 3 weeks!

Our website is:

We hope to see you there!