Unimog Camper under construction

I Think whit a good acurate gauge is enought for this aplication, its true that good ones are expensive , but Also the time to build one is not for free, I dont like specially Arduino for this aplication , but any way this is another question , bluesea is nice Dash, I Will use this
The temperature monitor works great. This was after our first hour of driving Portal temps seemed very stable. 828E3791-D65C-46B4-AFD1-173556BA6600.jpeg It seems that even the direction of the wind affects the portal temperature. We had been driving at 95 Kph for about 40 mins with a strong cross wind. I could not figure out why one. portal was running hotter than the other side. I stopped and even checked the oil levels. The road then turned 90 Degrees and the temp started to drop.
BC30C178-F105-42B3-B5E9-482306C834DB.jpeg This was the result 10 minutes later. Later on the road changed direction again an the temperatures evened out again. Seems like the porta temperatures change regularly.

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Looks good, - this is what I came up with, 1 temperatur, 1 humidity, 1 water temperature (with a alarm and a red LED), 1 car battery and 1 house battery voltage... on a B/W 1.3" inch OLED... I also managed to program the Arduino to draw the symbols... You can do whatever you want on the 128 by 64 dot display ;)

(Sorry for the crabby phone picture)

That's a great display, I think I will have to learn to program the Arduino systems. Was thinking of adding a full computer system, as the overhead console screen can take a VGA input.

Just a bit of an update on the truck. Managed to break the bearings on the portal axle - dropped it off the jack when freeing a stuck handbrake pad. I noticed one of the portal getting hot - about 75 Deg C, and pulled over to check it and found the handbrake was dragging. It turns out the handbrake pad was bent - and jammed on. However, when I had the wheel off, the wooden block under the jack split in half, and the truck fell off the jack and damaged the bearings. We had to get towed home as if we went faster thant 40kph, the portal would get hot, and I ddin't want to risk blowing the box up completely so we put it on a flat bed, luckily the insurance paid for most of the cost. I got it home and pulled off the box - bearing were pretty crunchy, luckily I have a four spare portals with new bearings and seals all ready to go.

I also decided to make a proper baseplate and something to support the jack - made from LVL it is strong enough to hold the truck, and wide enough so should stop the truck from falling off the again

I made two base plates, 2" LVL with and aluminum plate on top.

I was able to replace the portal in about 4 hours using just the tools I carry in the truck. The handbrake pads took a while to get through MB Australia - I wanted OEM rear pads this time, and they had to come out of Singapore - took three weeks to get here.

This morning was pretty cold - about 2 Deg C, and I had been asked how smooth the engine is after about 3 years and 40,000km. This morning I shot this video - started first turn and idled smoothly



Hello Ian , very Lucky whit the history....which cain of springs You have in your truck? King? Because of yellow, maybe I found space ok the flycases to bring me a set when I go to Australia in october:sneaky:
They are custom made King Springs - as my truck weighs 8tons, I needed stiffer springs for the rear - my rear axle is around 4.5tons, so I had some made to give me the right ride height at full load.
Hi Iain:

Good to see you getting through all the troubles with your usual good sense and skills. Good indeed that you were not under the truck when it slipped.

At the very beginning I had too a few episodes involving the jacks, and actually I was under the frame when the truck slipped off the jack and the trunks it was on. Fortunatelly I was able to quickly move in between both rear axles so nothing happened... but it was quite a close call. I pay much more attention when lifting the truck since then.

You can see the third axle lying on the floor after that incident, adding more sadness to this pretty old pictures. They remind me that we are dealing with many tons here, and that you should always be very aware of that fact.

Greetings from Chile.

121.JPG 4447_122_3.jpg
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Good to hear from you Pairospam... Was wandering how your project is going. You're very lucky you managed to get between the axles! Too close I think. That said I wouldn't have wanted a Mog on top of me either!!!