Unimog Camper under construction

I Think whit a good acurate gauge is enought for this aplication, its true that good ones are expensive , but Also the time to build one is not for free, I dont like specially Arduino for this aplication , but any way this is another question , bluesea is nice Dash, I Will use this
The temperature monitor works great. This was after our first hour of driving Portal temps seemed very stable. 828E3791-D65C-46B4-AFD1-173556BA6600.jpeg It seems that even the direction of the wind affects the portal temperature. We had been driving at 95 Kph for about 40 mins with a strong cross wind. I could not figure out why one. portal was running hotter than the other side. I stopped and even checked the oil levels. The road then turned 90 Degrees and the temp started to drop.
BC30C178-F105-42B3-B5E9-482306C834DB.jpeg This was the result 10 minutes later. Later on the road changed direction again an the temperatures evened out again. Seems like the porta temperatures change regularly.

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Looks good, - this is what I came up with, 1 temperatur, 1 humidity, 1 water temperature (with a alarm and a red LED), 1 car battery and 1 house battery voltage... on a B/W 1.3" inch OLED... I also managed to program the Arduino to draw the symbols... You can do whatever you want on the 128 by 64 dot display ;)

(Sorry for the crabby phone picture)