*Updated* FWC Flatbed Hawk & Weekender Norweld Tray


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Update! We are only selling the Norweld Tray and Four Wheel Camper.


Located in Durango, Co.

Norweld 7Ft. Weekender Tray (Powder-coated)
Storage Boxes
Mud Guards
Removable Bed Slides & Tailgate
43L Under-Tray Water Tank
Under-Tray Rear Storage Drawer
ARB Twin Compressor
Norweld Clip-on Table
Noerweld Clip-on Step

Many of us are familiar with the FWC models. This flatbed hawk is unbelievable. Two people could easily live out of it full time. These new flatbed models have an impressive amount of storage and recently added storage under the bed / cab-over area. See the video below for a tour of the actual camper. The Hawk is mostly stock besides the souped-up 12v system. We increased the lithium battery bank from 200ah to 300ah, and introduced a BCDC50 into the charging system. The REDARC BCDC50 and the REDARC Manager30 come together to pump 80amps of charge when the truck is on. The Manager30 pumps out 30amps of charge when connected to shore power or from solar. Long story short - you are not going to run out of juice. Even with the 2000w inverter on board.

CAMPER check out this video of the actual camper:

Mechanical Camper Jacks
2-Way Refrigerator/Freezer - 130 liter
Forced Air Furnace w/ Thermostat
DSI 6 Gallon Water Heater w/ Outside Shower
Flush Mount Glass Top Sink/Stove Upgrade
Powered Roof Vent Fan (2)
UTE 8' Side Awning w/ Awning Light
Yakima JetStream Roof Racks - Complete System
Side Wall Steps
Rear Floodlights - LED
Exterior LED Lighting
Thermal Pack
Accordion Aluminum Scissor Steps (6-Step)
King Bed Slide-out on Cabover Bed
Removable Carpet Kit
Camper Jack Extension Plates
Tier 1 Fabric Color
UTE Watertank Cushion
UTE Rear Rack Only
UTE & FD's Dual Lithium Batt. System
UTE Smooth Aluminum Siding
Abbington Black Fabric

300ah battery System
REDARC Manager30 + REDARC BCDC50. Gives 30a of charge from solar or shore power, 80a from alternator (DC).
REDARC RedVision Display
REDARC 180w Solar Panels (2)
GoPower 2000w Inverter. 300 amp resettable breaker with connections. Remote Start Button.

I hope this truck takes its new owners all over the continent, and maybe the globe. It is certainly ready for it. Located in Durango, Co.

Asking Price: $65,000 OBO



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If my 2022 Super Duty Tremor wasn't on the train on it's way to me (after a very long wait), I'd be a serious potential buyer. Considering what I think I'll have into my final build I think this is a pretty fair price for a great platform that's available immediately.

Question for those of you that have shipped vehicles overseas from the US - could this rig fit in a standard container or would it need to be shipped 'uncontained' ?


Pretty sure you have to ship RoRo but it’s not a big deal here security wise because the shippers only have access to the cab. You’re just going to pay the higher RoRo rate and schedule issues.


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Hey, GLWS!
I am just curious what kinda gas mileage you have been getting?
I have a 2019 regular cab F150 with the 5.0 and a Grandby slide in and have been averaging 15mpg for the past ~30k miles.

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