Ural Owners: would you do it again?


Happy New Year!

I'm hoping to get some feedback from Ural owners.

I'm looking for an adventure machine for exploring the Four Corners area. I'll be basecamped (semi-retired) in the Rim Country of central/northern Arizona and have often thought a Ural Gear-Up would be the perfect rig for exploring the area.

I've never ridden a hack and don't know a ton about the Ural, but from what I've seen they seem like a great platform for exploring. I like the idea of having room for some gear/beer. Not interested in covering big miles on the freeway.

Just wondering about the reliability/dependability of the current Ural offerings and hoping to get some thoughts from Ural owners about their experience.




Kind of late response here but check out the Hacks section at ADVrider.com. Tons of Ural info on there. Sovietsteeds is another good source.

Sidecars are a blast!

Andy G

Prior 2006 Ural GearUp owner here...sold it do to a military move... :(

Would I do it again? In a HEARTBEAT.

I thrashed the heck outta that thing on the "roads" and trails of Alaska, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories. I rode it during the winter, spring, summer and fall. Never once did I have a single issue with that thing. It was a tank. The 2wd was a riot.

Would I do it again? Absolutely, without hesitation - especially with all the improvements they've made since then.