Ursa Minor J30 rubicon for sale


Life has a funny way of taking it where you want to go. That’s why we built up this awesome rig. Going wherever we wanted in a self supported rig for solo travel as a couple. My wife and I had a really awesome trip to Moab from Calgary Canada, and a bunch of trips into our local climbing areas. We built more rig than we needed on a day to day basis, but it ensured we wouldn’t get shut down by snow drifts or whatever on our ice climbing adventures.

We chose to open our own business and have a family, all at the same time. That, coupled with our dream adventure rig has taken a back seat and it’s not a priority anymore. So, the dream of spending a good chunk of our time on the road has been pushed back and it's time to pass on our rig. Bummer for us, good deal for someone else. Not many J30 jeeps come up for sale, or one that's built like this.

Build philosophy:
1. Keep it tough, and as reasonably light as we could. We wanted to go anywhere, but not get so heavy that it'd be unreliable and break parts because of durability.
2. Keep it as low profile as we could. Capable and subtle was the goal. We didn't want it to stand out. It has presence but, it's not over the top.
3. Every mod has a strictly functional purpose. Nothing is for show, and every component was thought out.
4. Quality. We went with the best components that we could afford for absolutely everything.

The Rig highlights:
1.Ursa Minor J30 camper, rear driver-side sliding window, body color sides, white fiber glass roof with external ladder mounted to camper/jeep, USB and 12v power outlets in the cab
2. Full synergy short arm 4.5 lift with adjustable fox resi shocks. 8 adjustable steps for shock rebound. Includes relocation brackets that raise up the shock mounts and has integrated skid plates
3. Synergy steering set up – Entirely built steering assembly. Way more beefy than stock, and way more protected.
4. upgraded factory dana 44 axels with artec trusses welded on front and rear, axel sleeves welded on - Greatly increases overall axel strength to reduce bending and a break from impacts
5. RVC axel shafts and Reid steering knuckles up front - raises track bar above axle housing, chromoly axle shafts in rear
6. dynatrac big brake upgrade kit front and rear, about 15,000 km on it. Stops insanely well for the tire size, very little nose dive.
7. 37 inch cooper S/T Maxx tires, and matching spare. The highway manors of these are amazing. They are quiet, and super burly when needed.
8. re-gearing to 4.88's, Yukon gears
9. Genesis dual battery kit, and SPOD system running dual optima yellow top deep cycle AGM batteries
10. ARB compressor mounted in engine bay with hose and pressure gauge
11. Storage rack in rear cargo area that makes an adjustable height shelf, made by Adventure Trailers
12. External 5 lb propane tank mounted with the Adventure trailers bracket
13. Fold down tailgate table by spring tail
14. A.E. Power muffler - super low profile and it greatly increases the departure angle. Sounds decent too
15. AEV heat reduction hood, snorkel, front and rear bumpers, rear tire carrier/swing arm, 17.5 inch Savegre wheels.
16. IPF front spot lights, Rigid Industry dually floods for ditch illumination, 1 for a rear back up light
17. Cobra CB radio, mounted in center console, totally hidden unless it's in-use. Firestick antenna
18. katskin leather interior seats, front are heated, switches installed from the dearlership
19. Duck-cloth rear cargo area cover. Super durable and really easy to clean, we have a dog and it keeps the hair down
20. Comes with Warn winch recovery bag including shackles, tow strap, tree saver and snatch strap, 48 inch high lift jack and spade, already mounted to the bumper.
21. JW Speaker LED headlights. These things are... bright.

Vehicle Specifics:

2014 6 spd manual 4 door Rubicon
80,000 kilometers
Nav, AC, Heated front seats installed by dealership
20,000 km left on warranty including 3 or 4 oil changes

Build Notes:
With the re-gear to 4.88’s and the superchips with the mildest running tune and AEV snorkel, it runs pretty close to stock power. It pulls really well in 4th on a very steep hill in Cochrane at 80 km/hr. It is super quiet inside because of the camper insulation and the tire choice. These tires are way more capable than we thought they would be coming from a goodyear MTR. What else… it’s hard, there are so many things with a build like this. All in all, it’s really dependable and has been a reliable rig for us.


This rig is used, not abused. Everything is in drive off and go exploring shape. With the amount of cost just in parts, anyone who knows about a jeep will understand what this thing is worth. We could have gone a g-wagon route for the price… but this was a hell-of-a-lot more fun, and it’s a super unique vehicle.

$65,000 CAD

We can sell in Canada or the U.S.A. Only serious inquiries please. Contact me via email at chrismeginbir@hotmail.com

Note, these are the pictures I have on hand, I will be adding more detailing the rig highlights noted above.


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Sorry for the late reply! I will send some shots in the next couple of days, but other than the fore-mentioned rack on the inside, and the canvas back cargo liner it's pretty stock. Reason being - we did all the mods possible underneath, and kept the vehicle for gear and people. I've used a bunch of north face duffle bags, and kitchen stuff in tupper wear has worked really well for us so there was no need to add a bunch of weight.