Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK

Here are a couple views of my J30 & ARB 2500 equipped jeep. The 2500 is more or less centered on the roof. The rear of the awning roughly aligns with a short awning on the back.

New buyers should be happy for the improvements to the brackets... now they are slotted to give you some built-in adjustment. I had to do some major drilling which was not fun given the relatively thick SS bar stock they are made from. Also, they look to be coated with LineX now. Mine were coated with more of a rattle can type liner. Also, if you haven't set on the awning vendor yet, suggest confirming bolt size. ARB works. I used to have a CVT that had larger bolts... It was easier to sell and replace than drill out 12 holes through the brackets. It would be a different story if you could put them on a drill press before mounting.

If you are thinking about a side awning I would definitely get the brackets at order time. The front attachment point is really tough to get at.

awning_side by MQ, on Flickr

awning_front by MQ, on Flickr
Just out of curiosity, what roof racks is everyone using on these? I see several options listed on the build site.

I got the Yakima mounts on mine. I didn't realize when I ordered that if you don't order the actual racks, then you don't get the adjustable mounts - the back mounts ones on mine don't slide fore/aft. I would have liked that feature, but I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever actually get a rack up there, so it might be a moot point.
Yakima Side loader rack mounts

Has anyone attached Yakima Side Loader rack mounts to the sides of their J-30? These are the ones that allow you to use gutter mount towers. I'm wondering if the fiberglass would be strong enough to support any sort of weight, even with a backing plate.

Like this:

yakima gutter mount.jpeg
I finally joined the UM J30 club a couple weeks ago. Got such a great deal on it it was worth the 5 hour drive to Phoenix. We had a Tepui, while we liked it, this is so much quicker, quieter, and fits our style of travel better.

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First post here, the J30 looks perfect for my needs. I confess I haven't read the entire thread, I've only gotten to page 72 so far.

I don't have the jeep yet and I need to resolve a couple of issues before the boss (who is 5' 2" and has a bad knee) gives the green light. BTW my current vehicle is a '96 ex-USFS Dodge Dakota 4x4 with a utility cap

which suits me fine but doesn't work so well when hauling grandkids.

1) how have you made the jeep's seating areas more accessible for 5' 2" people? or for grandkids? I suspect the grandkids won't have trouble climbing but the boss's knee will complain long and loud. Are there any steps available that not only provide a fairly low step and can fold out of the way? I don't plan on lifting the jeep at all. Climbing into the J30 won't be a problem, it's primarily for me, but the jeep will need to do double-duty as a daily driver.

2) at some point in this thread I saw a photo of what looks like a side access hatch in place of a window on the hard top. Any idea where I can find that part?

Great thread, lots of good info.
mountain off road enterprises (M.O.R.E.) sell the "hide a step" a self retracting step that lowers entry 11". As for access into the top we use a telescoping ladder from the outside(usually too much stuff in the backseats to access from inside). We have an AEV 2 1/2" lift and 34" BFG KO2's and it's not too much trouble to enter. My wife is 65 and still climbs right in but the "Hide a Step" may be coming.
I hope this is finally the week my j30 is finalized and shipped. Very frustrating with the timeframe of the build. When I started the process mid October they had a snafu with ordering system so I lost 2 weeks there. Even with that was told it would be ready 12/15. Talk to John every week and I am now in the 7th week past due. Was supposed to pay last Friday and it be ready but no phone call. Starting to question my decision to go this route. Missing out on trips that I had planned and a big one in 4 weeks is now up in the air as well. Sigh

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