USA's new energy plan and Federal Land

That's Fawkin' nuts. :(

For Bush Sr., "Puked and passed out" sounds better to me. I think the incident was related to an unfortunate bout of atrial fibrillation, and happened shortly after he got handled in tennis by some 4' 6" tall Japanese official.
There is a house bill to sell off 3 million acres of public land out west here.
Since it is Public Land, we are all going to get a cut of the profits, right?

Seems to me that the Libs want to lock people out to preserve it, and the Cons want to lock people out and plow it under.


Tail-End Charlie
Seems to me that the Libs want to lock people out to preserve it, and the Cons want to lock people out and plow it under.
And the government, which works for Wall St., doesn't give a crap what either the libs or cons want.
Wow! A whole two pages of a semi political thread and its civil, funny, and pretty level headed!!! I think we may have just broke the interwebs!!! LOL.

I agree with most of what was said here to be sure. In particular, this new energy plan is designed to make lots of money for the fossil industry shareholders. Might be time to see if I can afford some stock :D. Probably not.

My personal take on renewables: they will come in spades once the energy industry starts to lose money on fossil fuels. They will transfer to renewable when its more profitable to do so than to pull oil/goal/gas out of the ground. Before that happens, renewables aren't likely to be a big focus unless the citizens as a whole choose to buy renewable over fossil. Given the infrastructure that would require, I'm pretty doubtful that will happen. It just isn't practical for most of us.

One thing I have questions about currently is all the fuss over pushing the various pipelines.

I'm no expert, but my understanding is that getting oil out of the oil sands in Canada is actually fairly expensive compared to other forms of oil extraction. At a time when NG has flooded the market and prices are way down per barrel of oil, why is there such a push to bring more product to the market? No idea if this is true, but one report said that oil from the oil sands becomes profitable once oil hits 100-110 per barrel, which isn't where we are right now. I admit to only a limited understanding of supply and demand economics, so I'm all ears if someone knows the reasoning. Just seems curious to me. I'm surprised the energy companies are spending the money right now. Though perhaps they are forecasting a big hike in prices soon.

Anyway, fantastic thread. Loving the humor!