Use of WAG bags and PETT potties


I stopped buying the pett brand bags and started making my own for 1/4 the cost of their brand...... here is what you need and I have found this to work great... 1 qt size freezer bag ziploc, 1 gal size freezer bag ziploc, 3' of toilet paper, 1 cup of cat litter, 1 tall kitchen trash bag.... basically I just mimicked what they did. Everything stores in the 1qt ziploc, the cat litter goes in the kitchen trash bag, fold up the t/p, fold up the kitchen bag, fold up the 1 gal ziploc......The "used" kitchen bag goes in the 1 gal ziploc and then tossed into my trasharoo the 1 qt ziploc gets reused for the next kit made..... like I mentioned these can be made for a 1/4 of the cost of the name brand. I buy everything in bulk at costco, including the kitty litter.
Do you use a special cat litter to get rid of the #2 smell or do you not notice it so much on the 2nd and 3rd uses? I typically get 3 uses out of a WAG before having to get a new one.
WAG bags have on "odd" smell but it isn't as bad as the #2 without chemicals added.



They also work with cassette toilets. In our new camper, yellow is mellow so that goes in the tank. But I did not want to deal with #2 and have used Wagg bags for years. Lift the seat and stretch the black bag over the toilet bowl. Using your hand (and before the bag is used) make sure that the bag is pushed down into the toilet bowl. Once used, I simply fold the inner bag into the outer, seal it up, and throw it in my outside trash bag. That way, the cassette stays relatively clean.
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Always been a one use person for #2 and a tree for #1. First trip ever with them in '06 I 'stored' the used bags zipped up and inside a well sealed Home Depot orange bucket - not good in the truck! I've used a Trashroo ever since they were introduced to keep the smell at bay OUTSIDE the truck.


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Been using bags from Rest Stop in Escondido ca. Never had a problem with them tie em and ziplock em done deal. Nothing is finished until doing the paperwork.