USMC M1030B1 Restoration

It seems bike #1 and #2 are almost complete at this point. The seats need to be recovered, the front forks seals replaced and forks painted, new tires and paint the wheels, and get some new turn signals. I am having a bike mechanic look them over one more time to ensure nothing was missed. On bike #2 there was only one upper sub frame bolt. It's on to bike #3 to see if we can get it started and running then onto the tedious restoration process. We even got a company to copy reproduce the front goggle bag since the originals were so trashed. I also have the DD Form 1348-1A Issue Release document from Hayes Diversified to the Marine's that shows the price of $6,518.

And back! I have been back for about a month now and finished the first and second bike. With those complete I started to work on mine. I originally stripped it to the frame about a year ago in order to paint it tan. It took about 8 days to get it back together. Since it was originally a parts bike that was included with the bike my buddy got it was in rough shape. I was able to get a radiator, cooling system, and exhaust from ebay. I got a salvage KLR for the carb and some hardware. If this is your bike, thanks again and I hope your good from the wreck. I replaced all of the seals (pivot, swing arm, fork, etc).

I also found a brand new 2003 KLR650 engine a retired Marine was selling. He got it in a locker auction. He went out of his way to get it to me quick. It was definitely brand new and runs like a champ. The original two engines that came with mine we sacrificed to get my buddies top end back together. I couldn't find a natural color tank. I used the least green version but it didn't look quite right. I was able to paint one of the tanks tank and it holds up. I did a few mods: put the choke onto the carb directly, bigfoot kickstand, strobe LED brake light, grip puppies, and bolted the license plate to the bike with LED light bolts.

I attempted to recover a older seat myself and it didn't go that well. I took my seat and replaced the foam and had it covered tan by stitch craft. I also got Bike 2's seat recovered in green. I was able to recover another seat in MARPAT Desert for my bike as well. I'll try and get some more updates up this week.

Got Bike #2 done. The pictures are from a two-day 200 mile test ride. We hit the highways and trails (mostly trails). Since the pictures were taken I have repainted the forks, replaced the fork boots with new OEM Steel Grey, and fixed the rear turn signal. I'll try and get some up to date pictures today. It really turned out awesome. Below is a list of what was done.

Cleaned all wiring connections
Rebuilt Carb
Replaced battery with Deka
Replaced fuses
Installed Raptor petcock
Installed new stencils
New oil filter
New air filter
Flushed coolant system
Replaced radiator
Titled and registered
Replaced rear tool kit
Installed subframe upgrade bolts
Replaced starter circuit relay
New Dunlop 606, inner tubes, and rim strips
New battery cover
New IMS fuel tank (unused old stock for USMC M1030B1)
New IMS tank hardware
New rear turn signals
New mirrors
New waffle grips
New fork seals
New chain
Replaced start switch
Replaced start relay
New OEM steel grey fork boots
Painted metal, plastic, etc in RAPCO CARC 383 green paint
And more that I'd have to check my records

Finished my buddy's bike. This was one of the two originally ones we purchased. We had to do the normal restoration and rebuild the top end of the motor. Other than that it went really smoothly.

The 6 auction bikes have been a pain in the *** with everything. The second auction bike is now 100 percent complete. We are going to sell it in a few days and start on the restoration of auction bike 3.

Since the weather is a bit cold here its time to start on bike 3. The previous post showed what it looked like before we started breaking it down. Right now my jack is broken so I'll grab my buddies tomorrow and take out the engine, the wheels, kickstand, handlebars, and the forks. Then it's time for paint, reassembly, and replacing parts needed / troubleshooting. For those keeping track the restoration went like this. We started on the 6 auction bikes from the sheriffs department in Maine. We finished and sold bike 1 and fished bike 2. That one is still for sale. The first two we purchased (for my buddy and myself) have been completed. Now we are starting on the third auction bike.

Finally got bike #3 stripped to the frame.

Here is a picture of some of the stuff we painted today.

We will give it a day to set up and then get into to assembly in a few days. This usually involves trouble shooting, replacing seals / parts, and fluids. We also lowered to price of Bike 2 to $5,200 and then it goes to auction.
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Started getting the bike back together. It's getting colder here so no more time to ride. This leaves more free time to get this one done. So far the following has been completed.
-Upgraded the subframe bolts to Eagle Mike and red Loctite.
-Replaced the subframe. It looked a bit rusted.
-Replaced the passenger peg mounts and pegs. Looked too rusty as well.
-New Dunlop D606s, Heavy Duty inner tubes, and new rim strips.
-New Air filter
-New Air filter door seal
-New taillight lense seal
-Fork Seals replaced / fork boots replaced with OEM parts
-Greased the pivot, front axle bolt, rear axle bolt, and speedo drive

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Got pretty far on bike #3. I noticed that the front sprocket looks a bit rough. I will replace it along with adding the Eagle Mike prevailing torque nut. I got the cooling and electrical pretty much done.
I also replaced the engine oil line and hardware (wound up busting my knuckle on the fins).
Once I got the front faring on I noticed that the modified KLR250 mount from Hayes Diversified was bent. I’ll have to get one off the other bikes and work on straightening this one out.
Also hit some trails in the Ouachita mountains.
I made some progress on Bike 3 over the last few days. I got the carb in, lower brush guards, engine mounts, put in a new front headlight / fairing bracket, finished wiring all of the harness except the rear taillight, new start switch, handle bars, handle bar brush guard, handle bar controls, and new grips. I’m waiting on a few parts before I can button this up. The stencils, fuel line, and cooling hoses are inbound. I also started getting the tank read by putting in the raptor fuel petcock from Eagle Mike. It will change the fuel from vacuum to direct flow.