USMC M1030B1 Restoration

Finally got the starter lock out switch (clutch safety switch) in. Got the bike to start up (see video). The new radiator isn't leaking and the fan comes on as well. The only things left are installing the IMS Tank (original to the M1030B1 new old stock), skid plate, plastics, front black out light, and get the seat reupholstered. I hope to knock is too this weekend and take it or a test ride.
First Start
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I’m pretty much done with bike #3. I just need to reupholster the seat, bleed the brakes, install the mirrors, install the goggle bag, and install the front blackout light. It has the best shock out of all of them and the engine runs and shifts perfectly. I always want to keep these every time I finish one. I have attached the before and not so great lighting after pictures. Once I get everything buttoned up I will get some better pictures to post.
I am about finished with the latest bike (bike #3). This will be the fifth bike, as I don't count my buddies or mine. This was the most extensive and expensive rebuild so far. I am currently in the midst of changing the engine hardware out to stainless. I also changed the engine head case. I just got the seat reupholstered, got the front IR light on, Installed the new front fender goggle bag (reproduced from the old original one), and bled the brakes. I just need to fight out 4 more bolts and swap them over to stainless and then it will be for sale.


I’ll be selling the latest restored bike in a week or so once there’s a day with good weather to get pictures. One the Marine Corps birthday I took out my M1030B1 to ride some awesome trails in New Mexico. 1EAF6025-A141-47A3-AFBC-B0C23E2508E9.jpeg