Vagabond Outdoors Drifter for 5 Foot Bed w/extras

So, after much consideration it's time for me to sell my Vagabond Outdoors Drifter. I love the camper, but the 5 foot Tacoma bed is just too small to live out of during the winter - during the summer I could spend the majority of my time outside, but during the winter its much more difficult and I need more "living space." That also means I am going to sell my Tacoma and move to an F150 or F250 with an 8 foot bed and a FWC.
I think it's the perfect camper for summer trips and anything that doesn't cause you to spend extended periods of time in it during the day - but ultimately however awesome the camper design is (and it is), I think the 5 foot bed is just too small.

I picked this camper up mid July from Vagabond, and to my knowledge it's the first "production" model released - I believe it is #008.

Options purchased:
Drifter for 5 foot bed ($6500)
Slider cab window ($50)
Passenger Side Windoor ($450)
Fantastic Fan ($375)
L Track Roof Rack ($250)
Alu-Cab Folding Table ($400) - mounted under cab overhang

Total came to $8025.

Additionally, it came with a second, driver side, windoor due to a production mistake. I am not including that in my total, nor charging for it as I was not charged. Ironically, the windoor I didn't purchase is the one that I use the most. Total value at purchase was $8475. Right now to add up all of those options would put it at $9250 on the website.

Additionally, since purchasing it I have installed the following:
2x Baja Designs Angle Flush Mount Lights ($300 for both)
Blue Sea Systems 12 circuit fuse block ($45) mounted on custom panel from Vagabond
6x Rocker Switches for Lights and devices (Interior light, BD angle flush left, BD angle flush right, tailgate light, fan, water pump) mounted on custom panel from Vagabond ($48)
2x Renogy 100W Solar Panels mounted to roof ($128 each)
GHB 20A 12V Solar Charge Controller ($30)
12V Outlets mounted on frame for charging of devices
L Track Mounted to Passenger Side with Maxtrax Mount ($80)

Total installed options comes to: $770

Additionally, I also paid to have an Alu-Cab Shadow Awning mounted - I paid $2000 w/labor, parts, and for the awning to get it mounted. I would include it for $1500 which is the retail cost of the awning. I'll be honest, that it's not an amazing deal but I will probably just buy another one again so my desire to bargain on that is kinda low.

Everything on the camper is in great condition, and upon purchase all you would need to do is connect the fuse block to your battery to take advantage of the electrical additions. Camper is for a 3rd Gen Tacoma, but will fit just fine on a second gen
That being said, there are a couple stuff that need to be "fixed"
There's a couple holes from my old ARB awning that are now under the Alu-Cab.
The driver side Baja Designs light had to be pulled out for the Alu-Cab awning, so the old holes will need to be sealed and new holes drilled. I will leave that up to the purchaser to decide where he would like the lights.
A new mount needs to be worked for the table - the awning blocks the current one. It's held in via bungee cords right now for the last couple months.

I would like to get $8000 for the camper and all of the extras I added, or $9500 with the awning.

Camper is currently located in Dallas, TX but I will be driving back to Seattle starting Monday. Would be willing to deliver anywhere along that route, or alternatively anywhere within an 8 hour drive of Seattle as long as we split gas.

Will also be selling my interior build at some point.