[VANCOUVER, BC] - 2016 + Tacoma Rear bumper with dual swingouts


For sale is a rear bumper made for 2016+ Tacomas.

This bumper was hand-made by Cruisin Off Road in Chilliwack, BC. This is a very well-known shop in the Landcruiser community, reputable for producing very high-quality products.

The order for this bumper was placed in early 2017, just a few days before Cruisin Off Road officially (and permanently) stopped taking orders for bumpers. There are only two bumpers this shop has ever produced for 2016+ Tacomas (this being one, and the other being with my friend).

Before placing this order (and numerous times since) I thoroughly compared every rear bumper available on the market. From all of the well-known manufacturers in the US, to all local shops, there is absolutely nothing on the market that touches the quality, strenth and attention to detail found on this bumper. What's more, most similarly-equipped options are considerably more expensive.

The bumper was finally made and installed in February of this year. It has only been on the truck since then, and is in pristine condition. No scratches, no damage of any sort.

Without the swingarms, the bumper is only 25lbs heavier than the original, OEM Tacoma bumper & hitch, but is colossally stronger and better equippped. (Both bumpers were weighed at the time of installation.)

The bumper was built with the following configuration...

Main bumper:
- Dual recovery points
- Integrated 2" hitch receiver
- Cutouts for RIGID Industries 20641 flush-mounted lights (lights not included)
- Cutout for OEM tow connector

Driver's side swingarm:
- Removable, dual jerry can holder (aluminum) (jerry cans not included), with ability to pad-lock the cans
- License plate holder
- License plate light
- Mount and tie-down locations for a folding, removable FrontRunner table behind the cans (included)

Passenger's side swingarm:
- Tire mount
- Hi-lift jack mount behind the tire
- Bracket to which the FrontRunner table secures (in seconds, no tools required)
- Second 2" hitch receiver
- Backup camera mount on the hitch receiver (includes Pelfreybilt backup camera bracket)

This is a phenomenal rear bumper. I am only selling it because my current parking situation makes opening the swingouts difficult. Price for the bumper is $3500 CAD (~$2700 USD).

If you want the RIGID lights, add $160 CAD (~$125 USD) to the price. Retail price is $200 CAD.

I will consider taking a steel bumper (without swingarms) in as a partial trade, provided it is made for 2016+ Tacomas and is in excellent condition.

Bumper will remain on the truck until sale. I will pay a shop (likely the same Cruisin Off Road) to remove it. You handle your own installation (or pay the same shop to do it - should be 2-3 hours of labour).

Lots of photos in the Craigslist ad (see top of post), but here are a few:

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How do I go about getting this thread deleted so he is stuck with the rear bumper, hehe. Obviously trying to stop a friend from making a bad decision. Mods any help here?

EDIT: He has threatened to dognap the new puppy in a few weeks, if I don't edit this post!! Someone please buy this mans rear bumper. Think of the puppy!!! Although I suspect the pup would be in good hands after hanging out with his pooch in Death Valley for a week.
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Yes, Jason does great work, seems her is more interested in becoming a bolt on parts outfitter though now, with the occasional job for people. I can understand, he wants to spend time with his family, and there area lot of companies out there for an already niche market.