Vario door lock problems

hi all,

since buying my Vario, I've encountered quite some trouble with the locks. on pretty much all doors, the outside pushbuttons of the locks have been very hard to press and intermittently not working. I've also often found that after a day's driving on bumpy roads, some of the metal wiring jumps out of its plastic holder and causes the lock not to work. this was always something I could fix, but now for instance our side sliding door cannot be opened at all.
it's hard to describe what's the problem, because it's difficult to actually look into the lock mechanism as it's kind of hidden in the rear side of the sliding door.

does anyone have any experience or handy hints? has anybody installed new locks at all?
am considering getting it checked by a (MB) mechanic, but am very doubtful if mechanics from Ecuador or Argentina will have any knowledge of this specific MB piece of engineering....
Same here, bought 3 new looks on Ebay, think I paid 50-60 EUR for all three. only downside was that I could not find a kit of locks with the same key.
Not familiar With the sliding door though, I have a crew cab.
thanks guys. if you replaced them, I guess you replaced them with the original parts? any body has any experience with replacing them with other MB (i.e. Sprinter?) locks and handles? as I'm constantly traveling, ordering on eBay is complicated.

also considering putting in a larger fuel tank, I now only 60 liters (is this standard? seems so small).
anyone have experience with putting in a larger tank?
I don not think putting in sprinter parts would be straight forward, the handles are very different. Mercedes G-wagon and some other Mercedes trucks might have the same handle/locking cylinder assembly.
hey guys, one year and a lot more bumpy South American roads further, I've become quite desperate about the locks. quite a few of them have literally broken and it's becoming quite a frustrating saga. does anybody have any experience with fitting other lock systems? doesn't have to be specifically for a Vario, but any decent secure and overland proof closing and locking system would be amazing to hear about.
I don`t have a problem with my Vario door locks yet ! but I fitted a couple of high security locks on the cab doors. They are an additional lock that I drilled and fitted into the door and then cut a hole into the pillar to fit the bit that lock goes into.

They are anti saw or drill! and came from a UK company called "locks for vans" they dont list them for a Vario but I just measured up and adapted them to suit, The only trouble is that I cant operate them from inside without hanging out of the window, although thats not a problem for me as one parked up, I use the rear door.

I like the extra security it offers! and as we all know standard locks are easy to overcome.
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