Vario project started

This is one of the best real world 4x4 campers I have seen being put together on this site.
Love it!
As much as I love gawping at the big stuff like Mogs, I think this is the perfect real world machine?
A credit to your skills as well.
I bet you can't wait to use it! Where is the first trip going to be?



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I concur with James! Just found this thread and while the Mogs are cool, this just looks epic and well done.

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Thank you for kind words gentlemen.

Despite enjoying the build process very much, It will be exiciting to try it out.
Still quite a lot of work left, but we will start to use it for shorter trips to local lakes etc. this summer/autumn
First major trip will hopefully be Iceland next year.
Kitchen bench taking shape. A puzzle to get room for everything. The following will be fitted inside the bench:

Dometic CRX80 compressor fridge
Dometic gas burner
2x215A AGM batteries
2500W sinus inverter
Main fuse
11 kg LPG bottle
LPG Pizza Oven/grill (attached to the outside hatch so that it folds out when opening the hatch)
2 drawers
2 cabinets


10,5mm PEX incorporated in the sandwich, alu tape for heat spread. The plan is a separate circuit.
See Page 15 in this thread for some more pictures.
Going for a weekend trip last weekend in June, so have to keep up the momentum:)

Easy and fast to put down:

Kitchen is not finished, but usable. Fridge and gas top working.


Got the solar system up and running on saturday, haven't seen the sun since then...
Great control with the Victron APP:

Today I have tried to be an electrician, so many wires for so little..

Installing the rockers and a display in a brushed stainless plate:

IMG_20170624_093451_resized_20170624_092102054.jpg IMG_20170624_093236_resized_20170624_092101215.jpg

IMG_20170624_111417_resized_20170624_092102846.jpg IMG_20170624_114428_resized_20170624_092100387.jpg

IMG_20170624_203508_resized_20170624_092059588.jpg IMG_20170624_210610_resized_20170624_092058798.jpg

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