My Vario is limited to 52 mph, I don't want to be a speed merchant! but I find it is a little on the slow side.

It would be nice if I could do 60 mph when and if I want to.

My local Mercedes dealer say they are not allowed to remove it, (instruction from factory) they may be able to increase it too 56 mph (truck speed) why is it set at 52 ??

The speed limit for 7,500 kgs trucks is 70 mph on a uk motorway ! (although limited to 56)

VOSA have no issue with motorhome speed limiters as they are not required (same speed limit for motorway 70)

My question is does anyone have experience with removing them????

I know you can trick the limiter by having the K value altered by a tachograph agent, bt this will make the speedo incorrect.

Also I would like to up the bhp to 150 ?
My lobal MB commercial dealer said they could only remove the limit once I had changed to Motor Caravan on the V5. After that, it was 1/2 an hour on their old OBDII laptop :)