Vegas -> Zion -> Monument Valley -> Silverton -> Telluride -> Flagstaff -> Vegas


Vegas -> Zion -> Monument Valley -> Silverton -> Telluride -> Flagstaff -> Vegas

Wife and I (and dog) just got back from an amazing 7 day trip!

Vegas -> Zion -> Page/Lake Powell -> Monument Valley -> Durango CO -> Silverton CO -> Telluride CO -> Flagstaff -> Vegas

Left Vegas at 4am and we were greeted by an awesome sunrise on the way to Zion

We rolled in to Zion around 8am. For those that haven't been, put it on your list!

Next, Page AZ! We spent a few hours at Lone Rock and had lunch on the beach.

Our original plan was to stay the night on the beach, but it was so crowded, and we felt like driving a bit more, so off we went!

We made it to Monument Valley just as the sun was setting and we saw some awesome rain showers all around! We set up a quick camp and got some sleep before it got dark!



Day 2, headed to Durango! Woke up very near Monument, so got a few more pictures before we took off-

And of course, stopped by Mexican Hat real quick

We made it to Durango and stayed in a hotel that night. It was right on the river so we took advantage. Onyx loved it!



Next morning, we drove the 550 (Million Dollar Hwy) and it was quite amazing! It didn't take long to get to Silverton, so we looked for a nice place to camp and hit a trail.

We got a great camp site next to a creek at the Bandora Mine. We left the trailer there and went up to Clear Lake. It was the most amazing water I've ever seen. Ice cold and over 12,000'.

After we returned back to camp, we had a delicious dinner and watched the sun set



The next morning we hit an easy trail. It was Kendall Mtn just east of Silverton.

Overlooking the 550 highway coming in from Durango to Silverton

A few patches of snow here and there... a nice change in August from the 100 degree Vegas days

My wife loved the huge dandelions!



Woke up early the next morning for Black Bear Pass into Telluride, then Ophir Pass heading back to Silverton. What an awesome day... one of the most enjoyable things I've ever done and I will surely not forget it!

The climb up Black Bear Rd from the 550

Stairs leading down to the switchbacks overlooking Telluride

Hitting the switchbacks



After a nice lunch in Telluride, Ophir pass to get back to base in Silverton-

This was our last night in Silverton. The next morning, we hooked up the trailer and headed back to Telluride via Ophir Pass. Took less than 2 hours, which is much quicker than taking the highway.

Ophir is not as difficult as Black Bear, but equally as stunning!



And a few other pictures from the week. I have been to quite a few beautiful places, but this area in SW Colorado can't be beat for me. We will be back soon to see more of what the area has to offer!



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great pics and an area I have been too and enjoyed also
Just like you we escape the desert heat in the summer and Colorado always rewards us
thanks for posting and keep the trip reports coming

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Excellent photography.

Did the same trip through the San Juans 2 summers ago. Can't wait to get back. About the only difference, we HQ'd out of Ouray on the road to Yankee Boy Basin.


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Thanks for sharing; great photos. Two summers ago I did a solo motorcycle trip (sport tourer, not an adventure bike) through many of these areas (plus northern New Mexico), and while it was amazing in its own way, I repeatedly kept thinking, "I must come back here and go off-roading...." I have every intention of doing just that in the next couple years (this time with family and hopefully some friends to share the experience with), but trip reports like this make me want to get in my truck and start driving immediately, heh.

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