Vehicles I've sold to expo members


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I'm starting a little thread here on the trucks ive sold to forum members that have awesome adventures planned, they've had me extremely re-modify or rehab the vehicles more to their liking and ill share the photos here of what has been done. Feel free to add your own photos of builds you are currently working on, I really encourage it.

Im just going to start with the Defender 130 custom alucab truck and 2012 alucab troopy- two of my favs

The Defender 130 is heading to Canada where it will be used to explore around the northern territories as a remote fishing base

The Troopcarrier is going on an awesome African adventure from South Africa to Kenya and beyond

My builds are a true passion of mine, and I go above and beyond to make sure those that buy my used rigs from me are happy with their purchases.. So I hope you like!

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You will be on my bucket list of future destinations and Oregon is soo close.

Definitely looking forward to future posts.
Just checked the map, I was thru there a few years ago, I love the Oregon coast in the spring.


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I've always felt a 74 was the perfect 70 series. But that mint green so nice
74's are fantastic little land cruisers, especially if they have the TD and not the EFI- getting hard to find them in good condition. It was a difficult color, is a custom code from a fully one off spec'd 1969 Porsche 911r, that I've added 5% more gray and green too
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I occasionally run into a Troopy on my travels and instantly have vehicle envy. They seem to have the perfect proportions and size for world travel.


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The one to have is the 3.4litr 5 cylinder TD, then add an intercooler. They were always rare in Europe. In the UK they are like golden hens teeth. I almost bought one in from France, a few years back, but I was out bid

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