Vintage Jeep Camping Setup


Guess I'm not the only one who's considered stretching just the rear of the jeep.

I love the teardrop with the boat on the roof, and the custom sears aluminum hard top.

I've pictured something similar by putting an unlimited hardtop on a SWB jeep and stretching the rear to match.
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teaser pic

I'll be scanning all my old photos of our 1957 Jeep when I have a chance. This was a retro photo from 1992 that I shot in black and white.

This was the "last expedition" while I drove the Jeep from WY to CA and this is pre-restoration. You can see the old springs had sagged quite a bit.

Location is about 10k feet on the Beertooth Highway.

I should have some old photos of the FJ40 around somewhere too.